See Solid Amoured Cars Made By 2 Ekiti State Brothers (Pictures)


It is not a disputable fact that Nigeria is a country endowed with both human and natural resources enough to transform her into a world power. Presently, when it comes to inventing things, it is obvious that Nigerians have been on a very fast lane with the production of jaw-dropping objects that will leave people singing their praise for generations to come. Who would ever believe that a citizen of this country, resident in Nigeria, could ever build Security Vehicles that can compete in the international market?

As surprising as it seems however, that is the most recent feat recorded by 2 Ekiti state brothers who made solid security vehicles in the country. It is possible that the brothers drew inspiration from the current need for tight security in the nation.

In a bid to challenge Nigerians to unlock the creative potential in them and to prove that it is possible to achieve so much greatness despite being surrounded by negativity and dragging forces, a man identified as Ade Adams shared some beautiful pictures of the security vehicles on his Facebook wall and wrote:

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Who says Nigeria cannot change?

For your information, these are made in Nigeria Security Vehicles. They are very solid and durable. Made by 2 humble brothers from Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti state of Nigeria! These products are wonderfully made, and gave me more confidence that Nigeria is still full of incredibly smart individuals ready to do amazing things to develop the country. Whether there is poverty or not trust me many people are unlocking their intelligent potential right now. Please join them!

What is stopping you from making your own contributions?

Below are pictures of the vehicles:


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See Solid Security Vehicles Built By 2 Ekiti State Brothers


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