Libya Slavery: Payment For Housemaids In Nigerian Homes Also Slave Trade – Eldee


Consequent upon the ongoing slave trade in Libya,Nigerian rapper, Lanre Dabiri, popularly known as ‘Eldee’, has opened up a discuss on another dimension of slavery in Africa which seems to be overlooked.

According to the former Nigerian-American rapper, maltreating housemaids from Benin, Togo and the likes in African homes is also slavery which must be stopped.

He also equated payment made for a child labor to uncles or agents in Nigerian homes to payment for sex in Libya. “So long as the trafficker is who gets paid for their work, they’re both working towards regaining their freedom, it is #slavery”, he said.

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Eldee in a series of tweets wrote:

“While we’re on the topic of slavery in Libya, I hope we also find time to reflect on the slavery & human trafficking in many of our African homes as well.

“Those ”house-helps” from Benin/Togo whose masters get paid 10k every month to do chores from dusk till dawn.I’m talking about the ones you kick and scream at all day to do your house chores, watch your kids, do your laundry, dishes, cook etc. The ones you pay less than $50 a month to the man/woman who brought him/her from Benin/Calabar/Akwa Ibom/Togo. Yes, that is also #Slavery.

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“Lets not only kick against slavery when it is convenient. If you really want to take a stand, Let go of the unfortunate teenager that is slaving away in your quarters right now. You are not very different from the Libyan who paid for slaves to do his chores. #slavery

“We must take a stand against ALL forms of Slavery. It is not only slavery when it is against black people by other races, it is also slavery when it is black on black. Take a stand today, tell your friend, your family & your neighbors to let go of their slaves. #slavery

“The fact that it is a part of our culture doesn’t mean we can not evolve. As we learn and become more aware, we must change our ways and replace our practices with more sensible and more humane ones. Free your slave(s) today! #slavery

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“I’ve had this argument with many who confuse slavery with employment. You can not employ a child for labor and pay the wages to his/her “master/parent/uncle”. That is #slavery and it is wrong.There’s little difference in the sex worker that was trafficked to Europe and your house help that was trafficked from the village. So long as the trafficker is who gets paid for their work, they’re both working towards regaining their freedom, it is #slavery.

“And please dont get all defensive, we’ve all unwittingly either practiced or tolerated it at some point. I’m not just on a self righteous rant, we must recognize it for what it is. I’m glad we’re all upset about Libya as we should be. But there’s more to be upset about. #slavery.”