Simi Reveals New Collaboration With Falz on Chemistry


Following the visible chemistry between  ‘Open and close’ singer, Simi and Nigerian rapper, Falz, the two artistes are working together on an EP titled ‘Chemistry’.

In an interview with Pulse TV, Simi, who has been rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with Falz, reiterated that they are just friends who’s got a great music chemistry.

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She said:

“Falz and I do have great chemistry, it is music chemistry, we get along great, we are actually really close friends, so I guess it also helps when we make music. More than anything, music is the most important thing for me, say whatever you want, it’s fine, just enjoy the music.”

Simi and Falz are a great music pair no doubt. They both attracted a lot of fans with their previous collaborations, ‘Jamb Question’ and ‘Soldier’ and to put their working Chemistry into action, they decided to do a joint Extended Play which co-incidentally describes their relationship as “Chemistry”. According to the singer, the “Chemistry” EP is to serve as a precursor to her yet to be released sophomore album, which she’s playing to release this year.


Simi also explained in the interview that to her success means “doing what you love and getting recognition for it,” adding that so far she feels really fulfilled on her achievements. On why she happens to choose love as a central theme, the ‘Jamb question‘ singer says she tries to pick up different angles to love. “It’s not like a one-way traffic in love, it’s like the fighting, the heartbreak, the loving, there are so many sides,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Joey Akan, an analytic writer, who is of the opinion that there are no Nigerian musician currently pushing for social change, singles out Simi and Adekunle Gold as potential change agents.

He says Adekunle Gold and Simi have fantastic opportunities as some of the youngest voices breaking through the market with content. Joey believes that if this two talented musicians see the music and their artistry as bigger than themselves, they can align their creativity with the struggle and become not just pop voices, but civil ones too.

Watch Simi’s Interview below:

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