SHOCKER! Man Finds 8-foot Crocodile, ‘Jacuzz-ing’ In His Swimming Pool


What if you wander off towards your new cribs swimming pool to find a huge crocodile take a lazy deep in it? A shocker right? Well this man nearly had a heart attack at his new found guest.

According to CNN news, a new homeowner in the Florida Keys had quite a surprise waiting in his swimming pool this week: an 8-foot American crocodile. The homeowner recently moved to Lower Matecumbe Key from Pennsylvania. His croc guest was taking a dip in his pool along the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday 21 January.

Contractor Bob Mceoroy told CNN affiliate – WPLG

“He thought it was a toy … he thought someone put a floatie in the pool,”

The reptile was captured on camera by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the images posted on social media.

Crocodile in New Homeowner's Pool

While local Fish and Wildlife officials decided what to do with the crocodile, video showed it slowly lumbering back to the ocean — apparently tired of its new found fame. On observation, crocodiles, unlike the alligators, are shy and reclusive, but both rely on external sources to heat there bodies, which explains why the crocodile was attracted to the pool since it was warm.

This story triggers many other stories about wondering reptiles and other animals paying humans welcomed and unwelcome surprise visits.

Crocodile(s) In Agulu Lake, Nigeria

And speaking of crocodiles, the Agulu Crocodile Lake has become a sort of tourist area for passers-by who literally park their cars by the road side to take a peep at the massive crocodile that usually comes out of the lake to bask  itself undre the sun, on the open ground . To the awe of its audience the reptile doesn’t seem to be violent on many occasions when few daring individuals approaches it for a photo snap or picture pose.

Man Poses With Agulu Lake Crocodile
Man Poses With Agulu Lake Crocodile, In  Anambra, Nigeria

Some people believe they are the gate keepers of Agulu community of Anambra state, Nigeria because of their friendly attitudes towards the villagers and tourist as well. According to a traditionalist who was approached for inquiries, he said the crocs are regarded as sacred in the community, therefore can not be  killed to avoid incurring the wrath of the gods that keeps them.

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