This Sex Crazy Female Teacher Has No Shame!!


A sex crazy woman Michelle Mellinger, who worked as a teaching assistant at McKeesport Area High School, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to five counts of having intercourse or sexual contact with students and one count of sexual assault.

The 49-year-old special education teacher who told the children she abused, “I prefer younger people” has been jailed.

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She has been sentenced to between 11-and-a-half and 23 months, after a court heard she texted one of her victims:

 “Wow, you look amazing. I just became a paedophile.”

One of the more bizzare outcomes of investigations reveal Mellinger told one boy he was on her “bucket list” before she slept with him.

Witnesses at the hearing, confirmed she would send her pupils texts and afterwards drive them to her home where she would initiate and engage in sexual activities with the pupils.

Michelle Mellinger abused five boys aged between 15 and 17, but was finally caught in October after colleagues at her school overheard students talking about having sex with her.

She continued her adventure until she tried to engage in the same act with a sixth victim, also a student, but the court heard he “took off running” when she started to undress.

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A victim impact statement from one boy’s mother, which was read by the prosecutor, said:

 “Her family is forever changed … Her son is depressed and doesn’t trust any of his teachers.”

Judge Donna Jo McDaniel said Mellinger had been sustained in her pursuit of underage boys.  According to press reports in Pennsylvania the incidents occurred between June 2013 until February 2015.

The Judge said: “It wasn’t a bad decision, there were six victims over the course of two years”.