Sevilla Wins Third Successive Europa League Cup


Spanish Club, Sevilla FC came from behind Daniel Sturridge’s 35-minute strike to beat Liverpool by 3-1 at St Jacob’s Park. Club captain, Andjar Coke scored twice after Gameiro’s equalizer to seal a dramatic comeback and give Sevilla their third successive Europa League title and an automatic group stage spot in next season’s Champions league.

205 matches were played in this year’s Europa League with a total of 536 goals scored across the games from June 30 to 18th May. Sevilla’s Aritz Adruiz is the competition’s top scorer with 10 goals.

Sevilla finished this season 40 points behind La Liga winners FC Barcelona but managed to win a third successive title as well as set up a Copa Del Rey Final with Barcelona. Only German club, Bayern Munich have achieved the same feat winning the competition from 1974-1976. Following the defeat, Liverpool will miss out on European football next season.

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A Surprising Fact About the Europa League Final:

The Europa League final is the richest final at the top tier of world football! The Europa League final provides the greatest financial benefit more than the World Cup final and the Champions League final by a fine margin! Sevilla is guaranteed checks coming from UEFA that will add up between $35 million and $45 million, three times what Germany earned for winning Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Final.

In the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, Germany beat Argentina and collected only an extra $13 million in prize money compared to third-place Netherlands. The Champions League final winner collects an additional $17 million over the eliminated third- and fourth-place semifinalists.  The Europa League final is simply worth more than either of those far more prestigious finals.

Prize money for the 2016 Europa League final will initially start at $21.1 million alone in guaranteed bonuses for participation and winning the game. Sevilla will also gain automatic entry into the group stage of the 2016-17 Champions League. That spot brings with it a guaranteed group stage participation share of $13.7 million per team. Add in the $7.4 million purse for winning the 2016 Europa League final, and the total prize money for a victory jumps to $21.1 million – at minimum. That figure already tops the financial rewards for winning the World Cup final and the Champions League final, and that number does not include the winner’s share of the television and marketing revenue pool.

Here are the two managers’ reaction:

Unai Emery, Sevilla coach:

“We love this competition. It’s our competition. Liverpool were on top in the first half and logically they could have beat us. But the opposite was also true. We felt a lot more confident after our first goal. At half-time we tried to re-organise our heads a little. The team took a step forward after that and then it was open season. We needed to be ourselves.

“Our real success is what we have done on the way here. We’ve enjoyed this year in Europe and now we’re enjoying being champions again. These moments are unique. We have to enjoy this moment while thinking about the Copa del Rey final on Sunday, but we have to enjoy this moment because the team deserve it.

“We had to do something at half-time. Liverpool are a great team and settled quickly. We needed to have faith in ourselves. We needed to feel like we do in our own stadiums. The fans were absolutely amazing. They gave their all and with that we feel protected. Antonio Puerta was with us, too. Before the game we said we had to win it for them.

“Coke can do anything. If he played as forward, he would score. I have more faith in him than he does in himself.”

europa league
Unai Emery Exteogoien, former Spanish player has coached Sevilla to three successive Europa League victories.

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Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach:

“Sevilla’s first goal was key, it influenced our game. We lost faith in our game plan and lost our way. We stopped keeping things simple and made it complicated. Suddenly we lost our shape. At times we showed what we can do, we were great in spells. But only short spells. We need to sustain it.

“When it went to 1-1, Sevilla took control of the game and we defended poorly. We had time – we had 44 minutes to fight back – but we couldn’t. We are disappointed, frustrated, but we will use this. This defeats means we’re not in Europe next season. That means we have time to train and we will use it, we will come back stronger. We must use this experience.

“I don’t think God planned that I would get to finals and lose them. I’ve had a lot of luck in my life – I’m here, I’m a Liverpool coach. I will give my all to get to more final. There are worst things in life but, for sure, this hurts.”

Jürgen Klopp defiant after Liverpool lose Europa League final to Sevilla
Jürgen Klopp defiant after Liverpool lose Europa League final to Sevilla