See 3-Year Old Boy Who Is Already A Hard Drug Junkie


The picture of a 3-year old boy snorting cocaine at his family home in Bulgaria and the photo was uploaded on Facebook onto the profile of ‘Tina Vi Nuri’ and was accompanied by the comment ‘Mum and dad’s little junkie’.  After the picture was posted online, it sparked an outrage among social media users who strongly condemned the parents of the boy saying child service authorities should take the boy away from his parents, Daily Mail reports.

The picture shows 3-year old Mladen, looking directly into the camera, ready to sniff what appears to be three lines of white power with a tube held to his nose at his home in Sindel in Bulgaria’s Varna Province.

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3-Year-Old-Boy Snorting Cocaine

However the boy’s mother, told local media that it was simply a joke and that the photo had been published by their 13-year old daughter Stiliana. She explained that the lines on the table were actually flour and that Stiliana had staged a photo shoot with her little brother Mladen in the living room while she cooked in the kitchen.

According to the mother of the child, Mrs. Nadezhda Nuri, she never knew about the picture until her mother called and told her about it. She said:

“My mother first saw the [picture of the] children and called me. I couldn’t have done such a thing, I don’t even know how to write. My daughter must have taken the photo and uploaded it online. I can’t do it because I can’t even read or write, never mind use a computer.”

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Her daughter, Stiliana Nuri, who was responsible for uploading the picture confirmed that it was a joke and said she regularly staged similar photoshoots with her younger brother.

According to her:

“I was only joking, I got the idea from Facebook. I have never seen real drugs. I once saw a woman on Facebook making lines with flour and then snorting it.”

According to local reports, child services in Bulgaria are preparing a report on the family and are said to be considering whether the intervention of police is necessary.