Scorpion Tattoos – Images, Meaning and Designs


Have you ever wonder why people get scorpion tattoos of different designs? Here’s why. The scorpion tattoo symbolizes;

  • Power
  • Isolation
  • Victory over adversities
  • Energy
  • Stealth
  • Warning
  • Mystery
  • Healing
  • Strategy
  • Survival
  • Protection
  • Rebellion
  • Attachment
  • Aggression
  • Retaliation
  • Transition
  • Calculated
  • Mysticism
  • Resilience
  • Guardianship
  • Self-defense
  • Altered perception

In African aboriginal lore, the scorpion is associated with life and so-called death too. The sting of a scorpion is said to have intense healing qualities and so this creature was greatly honored. It was both highly respected because one sting could also prove lethal.

The scorpion is also popular in Egyptian legends and mythologyEgypt is where most of the dangerous scorpions in the world reside. Some of them have a deadly sting, even to humans. The Egyptian god Isis used gigantic scorpions to protect her as she searched for her lovers body and this corresponds with one of the popular meanings of the scorpion tattoo, “protection”.

Scorpion Tattoos

Blue-Red Scorpion Tattoo

blue red scorpion

The blue and red scorpion depicts fire and water. Symbolizing death for some culture, and life for another culture. If you notice the shining star close to the tail, it simply means a lethal sting ready to strike when necessary.

Dark Scorpion Tattoo On Foot

black scorpion

Scorpion and Roses Tattoo On the Left Shoulder

scorpion and rose


Scorpion Tattoo on Torso

scorpion torso


Scorpion Symbol Tattoo

scorpio tato

Sun Scorpion Tattoo on Hand

Scorpion sun

Dark Desert Scorpion Tattoo

gray scorpion

Scorpion Tattoo Image

Lethal Scorpion Tattoo Design

scorpion tattoo

Blue Scorpion Tattoo Design on Left Leg

Blue tattoo on leg

Scorpion Mermaid Tattoo

lady scorpion

The scorpion tattoo does hold symbolic meanings to those who wear the designs. Most of the meanings are associated with the scorpion’s characteristics and traits in nature as is usually a common occurrence with most animal tattoos. For Instance, when mating, the male scorpion does a seductive sex dance to impress the female, thus the scorpion tattoo can represent sexuality arousal.

The scorpion Tattoo can be spotted in any part of the external body; face, head, torso, back, leg etc.

There are a variety of different scorpion species around the world and they are believed to be over 400 million years old. The scorpion has a bad reputation and it has been that way for thousands of years but in most cases, the scorpion is not as deadly to humans as one would think. Most scorpion stings are said to be no worse than a bee sting. There are scorpions that do have the ability to kill humans in one sting, but not many.