School Teacher Greets Students In Silly Costume Daily – They Love It!


Elementary School Teacher Greets Students In Silly Costume Daily – And They Love It!

An elementary school teacher in Texas has chosen a rather unusual way to greet her students as they come to school every morning.

Cindy Mathews, a teacher with Branson Elementary School, Burleston for 2 years now, wears a silly custome every day to welcome her students to school.

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She doesn’t just stand and say the usual “hello”, she sings and dances for every one of them as they come in for about an hour every day.

Cindy told InsiderEdition how it all started about two years ago on a rainy day.

She said:

“It’s a lot of fun, the kids love it. They get energized.

“I put some floaties on, an inner tube and some rain boots, just went outside and the kids just thought I was crazy.

“It was fun, it made the morning go faster, and I didn’t have to just stand there and wave, ‘Good morning, how are you?’”


Since that day, Cindy has worn different silly costumes inspired by different occasions and events to welcome the kids every morning.

Cindy went on to tell how much her morning routine has impacted her work and the disposition of her students to learning.

School Teacher Dons Silly Costumes To Motivate Students

She says:

“For Christmas, it’s the Santa hat with the Mickey ears and the Mickey gloves.

“Right now, it’s Valentine’s, so I have the springy ears …and the boa.”

“You could either go in the school and be all humdrum, with no pep, or you can just be happy.

“And the kids read your body movement.

“These children know — if you’re happy, then they’re going to have a great outlook on everything. I get them excited.”

Cindy stated that now, she’s added jumping jacks, high fives and a skip to her routine.

Watch a video of Cindy doing her thing in the morning at the front of her school:

(Photo: Inside Edition)