“Saraki Should Go Before He Is Disgraced Out” – APC Unity Forum


Following the  Supreme Court ruling on Friday, upholding the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki  at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), a lawmaker have called for the resignation of the Senate President while he faces his corruption trial at the Tribunal.

The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the trial of Mr. Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) after dismissing his appeal against the competence and constitution of the CCT to try him for a 13-count charge of false asset declaration.

Kabiru Marafa, a leader of the Unity Forum, a caucus of All Progressives Congress (APC) senators, stated this on Saturday night in an interview with PremiumTimes. According to him, a caucus of APC senators opposed to the emergence of Mr. Saraki as the Senate President,but wanted  Suleiman Hunkunyi and Ahmed Lawan ,who were favoured by the party to become the Senate President.

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Mr. Marafa said although the Senate had the right to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise it would be most honourable for Mr. Saraki to resign with his pride and dignity “before he is disgraced out,” as the later would harm in no small measure, the image of the National Assembly and destroy national pride.

“Saraki should go before he’s disgraced out. I am sure you know there’s something called national pride. How do you feel to see your number 3 man being docked for corruption charges.

“What’s happening at the Code of Conduct Tribunal has nothing to do with the Unity Forum; it’s between him and the State. And the country’s law says he’s presumed innocent until proven to otherwise.

“The most honorable thing for Saraki is to resign and face his prosecution. If he wins, the seat is always there and he can be re-elected again if those that supported him truly believe he is the best person for the position. And if not, he will remain a senator like he was in the 7th Assembly. Is it a must that he become Senate President?”

He added that that Saraki’s movement from one court to another seeking that the charges against him be dropped is only a prove that the Senate under him is fast losing credibility.

“By reason of omission or commission, Saraki has pushed himself to a position of disadvantage. By moving from one court to the other up to the Supreme Court and got himself knocked out, what it portrays is that the Senate under Senator Saraki is fast losing credibility. The case at the CCT is not about Saraki; rather, it’s about the Senate. And we will not fold our arms to mess up with the Senate.”

Meanwhile human rights lawyer/activist  Femi Falana has also called for the resignation of Senate President Bukola Saraki,stating that the resignation is vital to save the face of Nigeria’s legislature.

Mr. Falana disclosed this on Saturday, February 6 2016, asking the senate president to take a led from former Senate president, late Chuba Okadigbo and resign to preserve the integrity of the National Assembly.

“Having undertaken to prove his innocence at the code of conduct trubunal Senator Saraki should resign as Senate president so as to preserve the integrity of the National Assembly. When senators Chuba Okadigbo and Adolphus Wabara were indicted they were made to step down as Senate presidents” he said


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