Samsung Recall All Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones Worldwide


Smartphone makers, Samsung are set to recall all of its new Galaxy Note 7 handsets after reports of them exploding.

The phone was released barely two weeks ago.

The Galaxy Note 7 is said to be Samsung’s rival to Apple’s iPhone 7, which launches later this month.

South Korean news agency Yonhap had previously reported that there have been 5 claims around the world of Note 7s catching fire while charging.

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Samsung reportedly disclosed that it had so far found 24 devices with problems for every million sold.

Photos of charred and badly burnt Galaxy Note 7’s surfaced all over social media recently.


A South Korea newspaper reported that it was the phone’s batteries that were causing them to explode when they were charging.

According to The Independent the problem is with less than 0.01% of the phones.

Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Due To Exploding Batteries

So far there have been no reported injuries connected with the exploding phones.

A Samsung representative who spoke to The Independent disclosed that it is working with its partners to check the parts and that it will be announcing its findings as soon as possible.

The Galaxy Note 7 since its release a few weeks back has been selling massively.

Reviewers of the device have praised its amazing camera, high-quality screen, and excellent battery life.

The massive recall of one of Samsung’s flagship devices is an embarrassing setback for the world’s largest-selling smartphone maker.

In the coming weeks, it will offer customers a new product for free to replace all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s that have been sold.

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The South Korean smartphone maker, said it had been alerted to 35 claims of faulty phones worldwide so far.

President of Samsung’s mobile communications business, Koh Dong-jin said:

“It is a big amount that is heartbreaking.”

Samsung shares fell Thursday on reports of problems with the Galaxy Note 7 battery but closed 0.6% higher Friday before the recall was confirmed.