Rob And Blac Chyna Back Together? Neighbours In Utter Disgust…


Rob And Blac Chyna Back Together? Neighbours In Utter Disgust…

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna seem to be back together.

This might sound like good news for some, but not for their neighbors.

According to reports, Blac Chyna’s neighbours are asking the police cops for advice on what they say has become a dangerous situation.

Earlier reports by TMZ had suggested that the on-again, off-again couple is back under Blac Chyna’s roof in her gated San Fernando Valley neighborhood.

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The report claimed that Rob had moved in late last week.

However, upon further investigations, sources close to the couple have revealed that the couple are actually NOT together.

According to an insider, Rob was only at Chyna’s to see his daughter.

Lately, Rob Kardashian has been focusing on his health and on being a good father.

Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian

A statement from Law enforcement sources Tuesday report that cops visited the gated community on Tuesday for an unrelated matter when several neighbors flagged them down.

The grumpy neighbors rolled out a long list of complaints against Rob and Blac.

According to the source, neighbors say “thugs” were visiting their home, who evaded the front gate but rather jumped the wall, avoiding security.

The neighbors described Rob and Blac as “riffraff.”

Further complaints allege that Rob parks his car on the front lawn of Chyna’s house because she has a fleet of cars that take up the proper parking space.

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According to the obviously unhappy neighbors, the noise is unbearable, at all hours.

Sources close to the couple say the police told them there’s nothing they could do but suggest they take it up with the homeowner’s association.

However, law enforcement has now placed Chyna’s house on their radar.

According to Chyna’s neighbors, the community is filled with “affluent people” – lawyers, athletes and actors,

They say they were worried the couple would bring property values down.