Ritual Killing: Brothers Murdered & Decapitated Head Of A 12-Year Old Boy


Abomination has taken a new turn as two brothers identified as Tosin and David Oluwatosin were indicted in the ritual killing of a 12-year old boy in Ifaki-Ekiti, Ido/Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

One of the brothers, Tosin Oluwatosin was caught by the police in possession of the decapitated head, while his brother David is still on the run. According to the report from Vanguard, the suspect is remanded in police custody, grilled by homicide detectives for more insight on what circumstances led to the murder of an innocent child.

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Police spokesperson, Alberto Adeyemi confirmed the incident yesterday as he told reporters that the suspect was arrested around 3:35 pm same day.

“Yes, it is true. One of the suspects is on the run. The victim is about 12-year-old and we are still looking for the body.

“We are also on the brother’s trail. After the investigation, the suspects will be charged to court.”

Much details were not given on the case, but he said police investigation will also verify if the brothers were involved in the recent spate of beheadings in the state.

Ekiti-Suspect ritual killing

The era of ritual killings and other appalling fetish practices in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world has continued to dehumanize and maim the society. This form of serial killing remains a menace to innocent citizens – old and young alike.

Many of this murders involve the idea of human sacrifice, either for get-rich-quick purposes, religious or cultural reasons. Individuals who indulge in this satanic act are regarded as mentally disturbed and hiding behind a belief system that seems to justify their actions. Young people who appeared to be dabbling in the occult rather than being committed to it, are more often caught up in the web of ritual killing and they act alone or in a small group.

The shocking story of Otokoto (a hotel) ritual killing was a typical example of the nefarious act involving youths dabbling in the occult.  It is recorded that the hotel in question immerse itself in kidnapping and murder of children around the city of Owerri, Imo state back in 1996 until nemesis caught up with the owner, Chief Vincent Duru, when one of the employees known as  Innocent Ekeanyanwu, 32, lure an 11-year old boy selling groundnut to the building and brutally severe his body.

Ekeanyanwu was nabbed by the police on his way after delivering the body parts and entire news spread across the state. The entire city of Owerri went on a rampage, burning and destroying every property connected to the hotel and the owner and his son Obicheozor who also belong to a cult group known for kidnapping were convicted and sentenced to death.

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Chief Otokoto remained in prison since 1996 and was hanged on November 13, 2016 – 13 years after his conviction in 2003, while his son Obicheozor was executed by firing square in 1997.

Confessions of Ekeanyanwu led to arrest of another suspect, Unaogu – both died in prison before they could be sentenced and three policemen were sentenced to death for their involvement in poisoning Ekeanyanwu in prison.

Yet the much-celebrated case did not end the wicked practice in all corners of the nation. Thankfully security agents and individuals are on constant alert, however, a permanent solution would have prevented several ritual deaths.