These Are The Jobs Your Favourite Nigerian Celebrities Were Doing Before They Became Famous


It is only a very few number of famous people that were born into fame. A greater number worked their way to fame. Most of the times, one’s dream job or career does not come around from the word go; one may first make do with whatever comes around until he finally gets to his destination. Sometimes, when they have finally arrived, it sounds quite unbelievable when we try to recall or make mention of what they were previously doing.

This is exactly the case with these Nigerian celebrities. Looking at these successful stars today, one may begin to think they’ve been stars all their lives.

I quote you wrong as I disclose to you, the jobs of your favorite Ghanaian celebrities before stardom.



Before becoming a musician, Don Jazzy worked as a security guard at McDonalds.



These were the very words of Tonto Dike in one of the posts she shared some years ago on Instagram:

“Hmmmm looking back and all I can say iz Lord I thank you for talent oh life waz nt easy somtimz it seemz iz d end of d world, n somtimz I even sit n askGod why me? N somtimz I used to say why waz Int born abroad cuz I used to think money fall frm tree ova der! Uni life waz so hard for me, handouts I could not afford I beg frm hand to hand jst to eat!Den wil be jeans @ alaba market if d jeanz is longer Dan me I will cut it to my size n I will say iz rugged jeans! I will ask frdz for favour b4 they help they will ask me to do somtin for dem eg clean their room, help with course work jst to hav 2000 nair gosh, I never allowed dat to pull me down play like play I finished my uni n graduate with 2nd class Engineering!Job waz hard to get mov frm place to place until 1 day I came across a poster dat says BE THE NEXT MOVIESTAR I applied and to GOD be the Glory THEY called me I waz short listed for the realty TV show tho I dint win tho I dint win but I came out 2nd and the rest iz history so palz if I can make it in 9ja! U can also do dsame life iz full of HARD TIMEZ but never let it break u down, never give up fight for what u believe cause God haz iz special plan for u! Diz my life my story hope to read urz som day n I see greatness in daz readn diz.”



Patrick Nnaemeka, a.k.a, Patoranking revealed while collecting an award in 2014 that he was formerly a brick layer and a rat poison seller. Sounds so funny!

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