More Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bicycle


In the Part I of this article, we talked about why you should ride a bicycle and 10 wonderful benefits of cycling.

In the Second Part we added more benefits and now we are wrapping it up with some more benefits you shouldn’t miss.

Among the things highlighted in the other parts, we mentioned that cycling is essential in weight loss, enhances body physic, preserves the earth, conserves energy and saves money. Here are other benefits of riding a bicycle.

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21. Make Creative Breakthroughs

Writers, musicians, artists and all kinds of other professionals use exercise to solve mental blocks. A study found that just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosts at least one measure of creative thinking. Riding a bicycle allows the flow of oxygen to the brain, which sparks off neurons and gives you breathing space to think right and be more productive.

22. Stay Fit Effortlessly

Riding a bicycle on daily basis has a huge effect on your body size, even without consciously working on it. According to the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation in the US, regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person who’s 10 years younger.

Ride a bike
Woman biking

23. Boost Organs

The lungs work harder than usual when you ride. An adult cycling generally uses 10 times the oxygen they’d need to sit in front of the TV for the same period.

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Even better, regular cycling will help strengthen your cardiovascular system over time, enabling your heart and lungs to work more efficiently and getting more oxygen where it’s needed.

24. You’re Helping Others

Many cyclists turn their health, fitness and determination into fundraising efforts for the less fortunate. You can join the Nigerian sports group Truppr, and with other riders, organize a cycling competition or Marathon, sell out stands and help the needy with the proceeds.

25. Burn More Fat

Sports physiologists have found that the efficiency with which the body burns calories and fat is not only raised during a ride, but for several hours afterwards. According to a physiologist, after cycling for 30 minutes, you could still be burning a higher amount of total calories for a few hours after you stop.

26. You Develop a Positive Addiction

People trying to recover from an addiction such as cigarettes smoking and alcohol consumption, can use cycling as an escape route. There is nothing like “too much exercise,” so even if you get addicted to riding a bicycle, there is no harm to that.

27. Make Friends and Stay Healthy

The social side of riding could be doing you as much good as the actual exercise. In cases where you ride in groups you make and attract new friends. According to studies, people with more friends are at lower risk of an early death by more than 60 percent.

28. Stay Happy

Even if you’re depressed, cycling can help you get over it, as all forms of exercise have been said to reduce the risk of the condition.

29. Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

Ride a bike

Some sport-oriented couples make one or two exercise ‘dates’ every week. This weekend can be a ride-date, it will make more sense. It doesn’t matter if you have different pace/skill level. Just slow down and enjoy each other’s company while sweating it on the saddle.

30. Reduces Fatigue

Sounds counter-productive but if you feel too tired, the best thing you can do is go for a ride. Physical activity for even a few minutes is a surprisingly effective wake-up call. A review of 12 studies on the link between exercise and fatigue carried out between 1945 and 2005, found out that exercise directly lowers fatigue levels.

What other benefits could you be looking for? Get started, go get your own bicycle and hit the road today!