President Buhari Is Neither Ill Nor Hospitalized – Lai Mohammed Insists


To buttress his point about the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that President Buhari’s health is not in danger.

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The minister said that Buhari is well, hale and hearty, just as Femi Adesina, who claims he had never seen Buhari fall sick, assured earlier.

Lai Mohammed said this comments while speaking to State House correspondents after the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday, February 8th, emphasizing that Buhari has just completed medical tests in the United Kingdom, which confirms he is fine.

Lai Mohammed said:

“I can say it without any equivocation, Mr. President is well, he is hale and he is hearty; no question about that. I want to assure you, Mr. President is well and he is in absolutely no danger.

“He is not ill and he is not in hospital and there is no reason to give anybody any bulletin about his health, pure and simple.’’

Also, the sister to President Buhari, Hajiya Rakiya said she speaks to her brother on the phone on a daily basis. According to the 84-year old woman, Buhari is not dead but needs the prayers of Nigerians for a quick recovery.

President Buhari threw Nigerians into panic when news of his 10-day medical vacation to London was first announced. Then more people went into panic when his return back to Nigeria was postponed indefinitely, as Nigerians feared he may be dead or in a very bad health state.

Lai Mohammed’s assurance is one out of several others by the presidency. He also added that if Buhari was in great danger, his ministers would not be been going about their normal duties.

Lai Mohammed also said that Mr. President had become a victim of his own transparency as him revealing his location is responsible for Nigerians’ agitation over his health status.

He said:

“Mr. President, like I said elsewhere, is probably a victim of his own transparency. He was going on leave, he did what the constitution said he should do, transmitted it to the National Assembly and Acting President was put in place. And he said ‘while I am on leave, I am going to conduct some medical tests’ which many, or all of us do without announcing it.”

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Mohammed said it was surprising that in less than six hours after Mr. Buhari got to London, he was pronounced dead by some evil people. He also aired his disappointment about people who saw the president walk into the Aircraft in Abuja but claimed that he was flown by an ambulance.

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Lai assured Nigerians that all arms of the government are working and that the Ministers are carrying out their normal duties across.

Currently, the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo is holding the country together pending President Buhari’s resumption.

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