Pregnant Woman Dies On Arik Flight P/Harcourt To Lagos


There was chaos this afternoon at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed airport Lagos as a pregnant woman was allegedly found dead on an Arik air flight that arrived from Port Harcourt.

The flight arrived the local airport in Lagos from Port Harcourt at about 1:51 pm. All passengers had alighted when it was  noticed that one person was missing. The aircraft was searched and then pregnant woman was allegedly found dead, and was subsequently taken away in an ambulance.

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It can be re-called that a similar incident occurred in December last year, when a 57-year-old man, Albert Nnadi, was confirmed dead on board an Arik Air flight from Owerri to Lagos.

A relatives of the deceased, identified as Damien Nwachkwu, who had accompanied him, said they were traveling to Lagos to seek medical assistance on obesity when the unfortunate incident happened.

Earlier this week, an unidentified middle-aged female passenger was found dead inside one of the bathrooms at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

According to an eyewitness, the woman was scheduled to travel to Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates, on Etihad Airways for medical attention before the unfortunate incident happened. She reportedly, had been feeling unwell earlier in the day, had suffered a bout of pains which made her rush to the toilet, where her corpse was later discovered.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) confirmed the death but said the identity of the woman could not be disclosed until her family is contacted.

We will not reveal the identity of the deceased for now. Presently, we are working to inform the relatives of the passenger. We will still obtain the autopsy report and observe certain procedure. It is when we have done all these that the identity of the dead passenger will be made public.Our procedure is that the family needs to know first. It is not proper for the family to find out on the pages of the newspaper.

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