Anti-Corruption War is Not Enough – Bishop Ikeakor Tells Buhari


Seems like President Muhammadu Buhari is on an unseen vocal run down by religious men in Nigeria. Just after the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, gave Mr. President a piece of his mind about the current state of the nation’s economy, the Bishop of the An­glican Diocese of Amichi, Rt. Rev. Ephraim Ikeakor, has also taken pleasure to wash the President clean and sun dry him before the world.

In an interview at the Bishop’s court in Amichi, Nnewi South Lo­cal Government Area of Anam­bra State, Bishop Ikeakor de­clared that the poverty level in Ni­geria had not improved under the watch of President Buhari, and that the war on anti-corruption which Buhari is embarking on is not enough to effect the change that Nigeria needs. He also urged the President to sit up with his team and fix the economy hence it will collapse, stating that the fight against corruption was welcomed and commendable, but wrongly prosecuted.

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“It may boomerang hence the need to fix the economy, compile the names of the looters and come hard on them rather than playing to the gallery. Then, coming to Dasukigate, all I can say is that we have problems in this country. For those who can advise our leaders, I want to paint a picture of what we are seeing in Nigeria.

“Nobody is commending cor­ruption; nobody is aiding or abet­ting corruption but like I said in the case of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and the Move­ment for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of (MASSOB), when you fight a battle with the wrong approach, you’re going to cause more disaster. Here you are shouting that you inherited a gov­ernment that is almost collapsing or is dead.

“Assuming it is a hospital and somebody in a coma is brought to you. As a doctor, would you aban­don the person in a coma to start looking for who caused the sick­ness? The first thing is to treat this person in coma before looking for the cause. What am I driving at? The fight against corruption is right but the timing may boomer­ang. The duty of the present gov­ernment now is to fix this country so that it can start working.

“Our education is collapsing; our economy is going down the drain; there seems to be confusion in everything. Poverty is growing exponentially and we are aban­doning these things and saying we want to arrest this person, ar­rest that person at this onset.

“You have four years, why should this first year be a year of arrests? That is my own view. Let the problems of Nigeria be treat­ed by its leadership first. Let them sit down and make a comprehensive list of who these people are,” he said.

The Bishop also spoke about the political fracas between for­mer Governor of An­ambra State, Peter Obi, and his successor, Governor Willie Obiano.

“They have a private matter. They should settle it with each other. Politicians have their way of handling themselves and if you throw yourself in there, you may become the scapegoat. When they will resolve it, you’ll not be there. What you’ll see again is where they’re waving at you in the television. So they know what their problem is. They have not told us. Let them not, because of their personal gains and interests, destroy our dear state.

“Both of them are wonderful people. Nobody can deny that Pe­ter Obi did great work in Anam­bra State. Anybody undermining it is an enemy of progress. We can’t also take it away from Chief Wil­lie Obiano that he has picked up a lot of things Obi started and he is working on them. So, two of them are great men we have produced but let them throw away their selfish desires and work together for the good of the state.

“You must listen to the people who will tell you the truth, eyeball to eyeball. It is the church that will tell our gover­nor the bitter truth. These men and women running around him are only interested in what they can get from him,” Ikeakor concluded.

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