Ponzi Schemes: Yet Another Ponzi Scheme, QuickCashOut Emerges


Another quick money schemes, QuickCashout, has emerged on the internet as thousands of people are willing to take the risk at winning or losing money.

Just stumbled upon this latest cash exchange scheme which claims to offer people the opportunity to transform their time on the internet into money. As much as this scheme, like the many others, seem to work, it’s still a risky venture.

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The QuickCashout scheme is set to launch on March 2 with the following steps to interested subscribers.

Earn per referral

The user gets paid for every single person referred to the platform and completely outside what the user earn as a member.

We can help you keep your money while you wait for it to accumulate. 5% of the amount left with us is added at the end of each week.

Becoming a cashout agent

They also offer a chance for users to become agents after completion of some tasks geared toward the growth of their platform.

Becoming a Developer

Users are given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the platform by adding functionalities and getting paid for it.


Lend cash from us even if you are not a registered member. This is, however, subject to providing a collateral prior to granting you the loan.

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Earning on social media

They offer to pay users who campaign for the platform via social media, that is, users with the highest share per week would earn some percentage.

All You Need To About QuickCashout Scheme

According to the site, the QuickCashout scheme is a member to member donation platform that gives back to users double what they started with while at the same time helping them earn more via other channels.

How does it work?

Users begins by signing up free and afterwards pays to upline he/ she has been merged to. Upon payment confirmation by the upline, the user will, in turn, be merged to two other persons who will pay him/ her.

How long it takes for User to get paid?

The time frame of payment usually varies between 5 hours –  two weeks which would depend on users influx. The site therefore encourage users to speed things up by referring people to the platform.

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Users can be suspended if they do not provide help at the appropriate time and user not paid is re-matched with another subscriber. Plus, the members are allowed to recycle as much as they want, that is, to re-provide help and re-get help in return.

The site offers no limits to the amount of money their members wish to invest and they give prompt response to any complaint the user might have through their contact channels at the bottom of their homepage.

There you have it and like Donald Trump would say, “the real excitement [in making money] is playing the game.”