Polio Vaccination: Parents Use Fake Ink On Children To Avoid Treatment


It has been revealed that some parents in Kano State are thumb printing their children with fake ink in order to elude the scheme to eradicate polio virus in the state.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) official, Naziru Salihu who noticed the development raised the alarm during a review meeting of the routine immunisation against the virus. He disclosed that during their visit to some households in the area, some parents claimed their wards had been vaccinated against polio by some health officials.

Salihu explained that parents used the usual mark of thumb printing on the children’s finger but that the ink used by parents was different from that of vaccinators.

Ahmed made this statement in reaction to reports that some parents are thumb printing their children with fake ink to deceive the vaccinators into believing that their children had already received the polio vaccine.

In reaction to the disturbing development, the traditional ruler of Ungogo local government area of Kano, Abdulkadir Ahmed warns that parents who prevent their children from getting vaccinated against polio will be arrested.

The traditional ruler stressed that other native rulers and key stakeholders would not tolerate any attempt to scuttle the efforts of stakeholders who seek to eradicate polio virus in the state.

Therefore, he advised defiant parents to refrain from the act or face the wrath of the law.

Nigeria had been declared polio-free in 2015 until new cases were discovered in 2016. As at July 10, Nigeria had four reported cases of polio.

Speaking in Awka at a press briefing on Thursday, July 13, the newly elected Governor of District 9142 of Rotary Club International, Chief Emman Ude-Akpeh stated that no Nigerian child has any reason to suffer from polio because it is the easiest and cheapest illness to prevent.

According to Ude-Akpeh,

“Polio is a disease that takes just a drop oral polio vaccine which costs just N300 to prevent. That is why we believe that it is the cheapest disease to prevent, and no Nigerian parent should have any excuse for their children to suffer from the virus.

“We believe that very soon, we will eradicate polio in the world and that would be the second time a disease would be eradicated in the world, the first was small pox. For polio, we are almost there.

“With less than 46 cases of the virus only in three countries, Afganistan, Pakistan and unfortunately our own Nigeria, we are gradually winning the war.

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He explained that his governorship position at District 9142 will reinvigorate the fight against the virus, adding that the association sponsor medical mission from the United States to Nigeria every year for polio eradication and other health needs.

Ude-Akpeh also told journalists that as part of activities to mark his installation as the District Governor, Rotarians from the seven states of Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia, Cross River, Anambra, Imo and Akwa Ibom will converge in Awka to donate a 40 feet container of books to the digital library named after Prof Kenneth Dike, the first indigenous Vice Chancellor of a university – which would be done as a show of concern and love for scholarship by the association.