Buhari: Don’t Expect Quick-Fix For Nigeria’s Problems


President Muhammadu Buhari while addressing members of the Nigerian Community in China on Wednesday, asked Nigerians to bring down their expectations of his administration stating that the challenges facing the country are so numerous and cannot all be handled in a twinkle of an eye.

Speaking at a meeting with the Nigerian Community in China, Buhari said it would take some painful, long steps to turn around the detrimental effects of the damage done to the country in the past years, adding that the Federal Government was doing everything possible to succeed in dealing with the present problems facing the nation and deliver on its promise of a better Nigeria.  Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, quoted Buhari as saying:

“We hear proposals for short cuts or quick wins. However, all we need to do is look at our history to know that there are no quick wins or short cuts in fixing Nigeria. The many decades of damage and destruction cannot be repaired overnight.

“Clearly, our vision of a diversified and inclusive economy will not be achieved overnight. It will be a long, and in some cases, painful journey. I am very confident we will get there. But we must start that journey now.

“The reform program we are implementing is not because oil prices are below $45 per barrel today. It is because when oil prices were over $100 per barrel, majority of Nigerians were still suffering. They were simply forgotten and left behind. So, our reforms are to ensure that the majority of Nigerians are not left behind.”

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President Muhammadu Buhari also warned vandals and saboteurs blowing up oil and gas installations in Nigeria to desist immediately or face the same drastic action being taken against extremist Boko Haram sect by the Armed Forces. He said: “I am aware that in the last two weeks, the national grid collapsed a number of times. I hope this message will reach the vandals and saboteurs who are blowing up pipelines and installations. We will deal with them the way we dealt with Boko Haram.”

During the meeting with the Nigerian Community in China which was held at the Nigerian House in Beijing, President Buhari further guaranteed the Nigerian Community that he will not back-pedal in the anti-corruption fight, adding that corruption has led to the destruction of the lives of many Nigerians and as such, was an arch-enemy of the nation. According to him,

“I ask for your support to make our vision of stamping out corruption a reality in the shortest possible time,” Mr. Buhari said. “Whoever is caught will not be spared.

“The government is still being dared, but those who are sensible should have learnt a lesson. Those who are mad, let them continue in their madness”.

President Muhammadu Buhari went on to dispel the doubt of the Nigerian community in China by assuring them that his government was fulfilling its promise of making security better across the country. He said:

“When we came into office in 2015, Boko Haram insurgents occupied 14 Local Government Areas. Today, I am pleased to say the insurgents have been routed out of these local governments and their capacity to fight as a force has been significantly degraded. We will continue working hard to ensure that the group is eliminated. This is achievable. And we will not settle for anything less.”

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