Singer Advertises Bachelorhood, Says He’s Ready To Mingle


While one may think wanting to mingle means ready for marriage, Patoranking is proud to be a bachelor and has no plans to quit anytime soon. He disclosed this in a recent interview where he revealed that he is not in a hurry to get married.

Speaking in a chat with Hip  TV, the singer mentioned that his career and family are the most important at the moment, not marriage.

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He also stated that marriage is not something he will like to venture into for the time being, but as far as mingling is concerned, he has no objections: “Right now, I am just concerned about my career and family. I am single and ready to mingle. Marriage is not in the question for me.”

The music coach in the just concluded reality talent hunt, The Voice, is currently enjoying the attention from his new album “God Over Everything,”  which was released on August 1, 2016.

According to Patoranking, he delayed the release of his debut album because he was unsure of himself and his level of penetration in Nigeria.

In a press parley conducted by his PR team, Patoranking spoke about the new album, the circumstances surrounding the release of the project, and the various backstories which led to the creation of the album.

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He admitted to having an album ready after the success of ‘Girlie Oh’ single in 2015, but held back due to personal doubts.  He further went on to share his guiding vision for the penetration of his music, revealing that he wanted the music to cut across every demography.

“One of the reasons why the album was delayed was: we could have dropped an album after ‘Girlie Oh’, but I just felt that I needed the acquaintance, that I wasn’t acquainted to the people. I felt that I wasn’t felt all over the country. Down South, down North, they didn’t know me.

“I needed to get closer to the people, and that was why I had to delay the album for a while, and we kept up dropping singles,” he admitted.

“I want a four-year-old to be able to sing Patoranking’s music. At the end of the day, I want to make music, irrespective of the genre, irrespective of how it is being done. I just want to get it done, and get it delivered.

“I want to see a 2-year kid singing my song. On the track 1 of the song I went really hard, just to let people understand that my name is Patoranking, and dancehall is all I do. You have some pidgin tracks as well for my people in Ajegunle. I try to carry everybody along.


“I’m somebody that my music depicts my lifestyle, everything that has to be about my upbringing and how I rose to fame. Patoranking generally, the life and times of Patoranking,’ he continued on the creative process of his project. “I got to figure out that a lot of people want to be famous, a lot of people of people want to be known for different things, for wearing the best designers. Others for having a lot of properties.

“But you know not everybody knows that despite everything you have, it’s still vanity, it’s still God over everything. The album is about love, about God, and it’s about where I come from, and where I’m headed to. Inasmuch as you are trying to dance, just always remember that it is still God over everything.

“No matter what you possess, no matter what you do in life, it should be a thought that has to go with your day-to-day activity. No matter the amount of money I have on earth, it is still God. That’s why we chose the title “God Over Everything.”

Meanwhile, a day after the release of his album, there was a report that Patoranking was detained at the Entebbe International Airport inKampala Road, Uganda for failure to adhere to check in rules, however, he was released almost immediately.