Shocking! South African Pastor Makes Members Eat Mango Leaves


Theses are really bizarre times! Several months ago, a controversial clergyman broke the internet with photos and videos of him coercing his members to eat grass, snakes, and other weird things, the latest of which is Mango leaves.

The controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mguni is in the news again.

Pastor Mguni, who is the pastor of End Time Disciples Ministries, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa was said to have declared a mango tree to be KFC, Pizza and spaghetti, yesterday, June 19, during his church service.

Church Members Eat Mango Leaves, Say It’s KFC

After having declared the mango tree to be KFC, Pizza and spaghetti, he commanded some of his members to eat the leaves of the mango tree.

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Interestingly, three of his members did eat the mango leaves and thereafter gave confirmations. The first member confirmed that what she had eaten was actually KFC, the second said it was Pizza and the third said that it was spaghetti.

They shared pictures of the incident on their facebook page. See some of the pictures below:

Earlier this month, during an evening service that held on Friday June 3rd, pastor Mguni  told his members to lie on the ground, and he then drove his car over them.

He described the act as a demonstration of the strength and power of God. The controversial pastor engages in several unusual activities which include riding on top his members, stepping on his members, asking his members to take off their clothes, and also calling out recharge pins for his members to recharge their phones with.


In a recent post on the church’s Facebook page, pastor Mguni during a communion service on the was quoted as saying,

“Today we are going to eat Holy Communion, the moment you drink here your DNA will change if they said you have HIV it will go because of this blood that will enter in you.”


One wonders why some people are so gullible, and what the South African government is doing about this?

See more pictures below,