Why Osinbajo Paid A Secret Visit To Buhari In London


Acting President Osinbajo has disclosed why he briefly visited ailing President Muhammadu Buhari in London on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

On Tuesday night, Osinbajo arrived at the Abuja House in London, where Buhari has been living since he arrived on May 8, from Nigeria for a medical vacation.

Before the weekly cabinet meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, the Acting President briefly told reporters that President Muhammadu Buhari is recovering fast from an undisclosed illness and should be back in Nigeria soon.

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Osinbajo said that he had been in London to “check up on” his principal, who left for medical treatment in the British capital on May 7.

“Of course I’ve been speaking to him on the phone and I thought it would be a good thing to go and see him and generally check up on how he was doing and also to brief him on developments.

“We had a very good conversation on wide-ranging issues and he’s in very good spirits. He’s recuperating very quickly and he’s doing very well,” Osinbajo said.

The Acting President also disclosed that the meeting lasted for “well over an hour”. “We are expecting him (back in Nigeria) very shortly,” he added.

However, Osinbajo, who has been acting president since Buhari’s departure, made no mention of the president’s medical condition, which has led to growing calls for clarity about his fitness to govern.

The Nation newspaper, owned by the founder of Buhari’s All Progressives Congress party, Bola Tinubu, reported that Osinbajo’s trip to London had been secretly planned for weeks.

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“The acting president has actually been relying on third-party information and purported directives from the president in London,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

“The trip had been planned in the past three weeks but was only known to few people for strategic reasons. The ‘Jackals and Hyenas’ were beaten to it, another said.

Osinbajo wanted “undiluted information” on Buhari’s health, to brief his boss on decisions he had taken in his absence and get approval for policy, the second source added.

After Osinbajo’s London visit, his spokesman, Laolu Akande tweeted that “it was a good meeting” and information about what transpired will be made known soon.

Akande had announced the visit Tuesday night and that Osinbajo would return immediately after for the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) Meeting which takes place every Wednesday in Abuja.

President Buhari has now spent nearly four months of this year out of the country and has not been seen in public for more than two months.

His wife, Aisha Buhari, has visited him on two occasions, while the President had spoken to Nigerians once, wishing Nigerians a successful celebration, after the Ramadan fast.

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The President’s absence and lack of information on his health status has driven many controversies within the nation over the last 63 days.

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