Scary! Olympic Swimming Pool Turns Green, Shut Down…


The ongoing Rio Olympics is in the news again for the wrong reasons. There appears to be something in the water at the Olympic Swimming Pool.

Whatever it is that some athletes have complained is in the water, is definitely not good.

The diving pool has been plagued by an unknown force after turning from a lush blue to a gooey green overnight.

British Olympic swimmer, Tom Daley has revealed the green diving pool was shut this morning

At the moment, nobody seems to know exactly why the colour of the water changed overnight.

Officials are yet to explain why the water has turned green.

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Some experts claim that ‘excessive weeing’ did not cause the problem, which has also affected the water polo pool.

Olympic Pool

US swimming star Ryan Lochte jokingly fell victim to the ‘Green Lagoon’ when he edited pictures to make it seem like his hair had changed colour.

British gold medal winner, Jack Laugher reckons ink from the plastic boards has leaked into the water.

But officials appear to be finally getting to the bottom of the issue after health concerns were raised by a number of athletes.

Swimming ace Tom Daley has hinted that there could be a real problem with the water.

Olympic Swimming Pool Turns Green

Daley revealed that the diving pool was closed when he went to practice this morning.

Daley and Dan Goodfellow overcame the colour of the pool to take home a bronze medal earlier.

Olympic Pool2

The British star tweeted:

“Diving pool is closed this morning.

“Hopefully that means we haven’t been diving in anything too bad the last couple of days!”

The Rio Olympics has been plagued by a number of problems since day one, with many competitors unhappy about the state of the Olympic Village.

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There have been reports of food shortages for spectators, while a number of volunteers have simply not shown up for work.

Many of the stadiums – some of which are not even fully completed – have been near-empty, with transportation also a problem.

Meanwhile, US water polo captain Tony Azevedo claims the amount of chlorine in the water is making it difficult for athletes to even open their eyes.

Olympic Swimming Pool With Too Much Chlorine

Azevedo claims there’s so much chlorine in the water he can barely open his eyes.

A number of athletes have reported feeling nauseous when in the water.

This is consequently hurting their game, and are not happy.

Azevedo said:

“This is the Olympic Games and they are putting so much chlorine in the water that people can’t see.

“You can’t have that.”