Oluremi Tinubu To Intended Migrants, ‘Nigeria Will Be Great Again’


Senator Oluremi Tinubu has adviced young Nigerians who are intending to embark on illegal journey to Europe in search of greener pasture to believe that Nigeria will someday be great again.

The senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District made the call on Thursday in a message to Nigeria on the celebration of Maulid Nabiyy, the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

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Oluremi Tinubu urged such restive Nigerians to be patient and remain in the country.

Speaking at the ceremony she said:

“I celebrate with Muslim faithful in the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole on the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

“The birth of the Holy Prophet marks the beginning of the great life of service and teaching which he led.

“It is a time that calls for reflection on the purpose of his birth, life, teachings and laid down tenets.

“We must at this time, continue to pray for the peace and prosperity of our country, Nigeria.

“In the light of the recent spotlight on slave trade on the African continent, we must also pray for our brothers and sisters who are being held against their will in these far-away lands.

Oluremi Tinubu who is the former first Lady and a member of the All Progressives Congress said

“I also want to use this medium to encourage those intending to leave Nigeria illegally in search of greener pastures to be patient as Nigeria will be great again.”

Not just the youths, a father of five, Mr. Sylvester Agho, has described his five months experience in the North African country as hellish and harrowing, just as he promised to join in the fight against illegal migration.

Agho who expressed that he was glad to have returned back to Nigeria alive, said the moment one leaves his country, he loses his freedom, pointing that there is no other country that can be likened to Nigeria.

Agho said:

“There is a great discrimination over there. But in Nigeria, there is nothing like such. You can work freely unlike over there.”

“They do not have respect for human beings.”

There are several appeals urging the federal government to remain steadfast in its efforts to return other stranded migrants, as well as, provide a means of livelihood for the returnees to prevent them from taking into crime.

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More than 300 Libya returnees to Nigeria have reportedly lounged in a hotel with the support of the Federal Government, however, one of the returnees, Destiny who confirmed it said,

“Governments should do something. They should not allow the youths to enter the streets. They should do something that will encourage us to know that our governments are really there for us.

“I appreciate the governor, who said we should stay in this hotel for three days. But after three days, what then happens to us? Where do we go from here? These are the questions I am asking.”

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