Ohanaeze Using Blood Of Slain Pro-Biafrans To Access Buhari – IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Ohaneze Ndi Igbo carried on with their verbal fight on Wednesday with the IPOB accusing Ohaneze Ndi Igbo of making profits from its struggles.

Earlier in the week, the IPOB accused Ohaneze Ndi Igbo of impersonation following reports from Enugu State members of the pro-Biafran group who claimed that some people believed to be part of Ohaneze and their youth wing were pretending to be Enugu IPOB leaders, and standing in for the group in a meeting with some officials of America who came to Nigeria to have a discussion with the group over the release of their leader, an allegation already refuted by the secretary general of the apex socio-cultural group of the Igbos, Dr. Joe Nworgu.

Nevertheless, IPOB’s spokespersons, Barr. Emma Mmezu and Dr. Clifford Iroanyain have said that Dr. Joe was a lair, adding that Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo was negotiating with President Muhammadu Buhari using the blood of dead IPOB members. This was revealed in a statement given to Daily Post by the IPOB spokespersons.

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In the statement titled “THE STRANGE DECISION TO CONTINUE PLAYING WITH FIRE”, the IPOB group stated that,

The well rehearsed attempt by Joe Nwaogu, Ohanaeze scribe to deny their attempt to stifle the demand for freedom by all peace loving people, while using the IPOB agitation as an ‘Open Sesame’ to have access to Aso Villa is actually childish.

Nwaogu lied when he claimed the U.S. Consular General also visited other zones. Truth is the IPOB agitations informed the U.S. Delegations visit to the South East. They did not visit nor have intention to visit other zones.

Lie number Two: Nwaogu claimed the U.S. Delegation came to consult them on Ndigbo perception of Nigeria. Truth is the IPOB agitation was the reason for the visit.

No foreign Delegation has ever had any meeting with Ndigbo, since 1970 except the U.S. delegation they met at Nike Lake last Friday. Nwaogu and his cohorts still live in the past where trading off Ndigbo for personal gain has been their only source of livelihood as Ohanaeze leaders.

Nwaogu’s hope that their deal with Okorocha, the Presidency and the Security agencies has borne fruit, drives him to believe that they have gone far in their agenda, hence no going back. He hopes to use the IPOB agitation as an open door to visit Buhari soon, as packaged by Okorocha. Nwaogu and his boy Okey Isiguzo believe Ndigbo are fooled, that’s why they are calling Ohanaeze meeting this week in their hope to use impending Aso Rock visit to revive the moribund Ohanaeze, all at the expense of Umuigbo.

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Ndigbo are aware that the Ohanaeze agenda for the visit to Buhari of building a few roads, giving out few more appointment to Ndigbo and having a photo opportunity with Buhari at Aso Villa is not the reason for the IPOB agitations. They are dancing to a script written by non-Igbo officials in the Villa, who told them, upon inquiry ‘THIS IS THE LIMIT PMB CAN DO FOR YOU PEOPLE’.

They accepted the Abuja script, agreed to work with it in order to kill the IPOB agitation in order to please their pay master at Owerri Government House. Our position remains unchanged.
Which is: that this Ohaneze Ndi Igbo script will not bring progress to our people. Their proposed visit to PMB will only line the pockets of Ohanaeze leaders while none of the issues of decade’s old of oppression of our people will be addressed by their impending visit.

Their agenda remains: how to use our struggle and the blood of those killed in cold blood in the past few months to have access to Buhari, just so they can continue their decades old culture of picking the crumbs in every government. This time, they have failed as nobody believes them. They have exposed their self centered agenda for all to see. We shall be free some day, in spite of their spirited effort to sabotage, subvert and undermine anything good. The people know better. It is strange that they have stubbornly chosen to continue the dangerous play with naked fire.

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