Abeokuta Commercial Cyclists Celebrate, See Why!


Ogun state Police Command has apprehended Ayo Olayinka, a suspected notorious lone robber in Abeokuta, who  specializes in stealing motorcycles from their owners and reselling them at a lower cost.

According to The Guardian, operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Ogun State Police Command, Abeokuta, are currently interrogating the suspect not only for dispossessing his victims of their motorcycles, but also for murdering them.

The notorious lone robber freely confessed to newsmen in pidgin English of his heinous act saying:

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“Yes, there is no need lying to you. I am a notorious armed robber. I specialise in snatching commercial motorcycles. I usually operate by disarming the rider with either a rod or strong stick after picking a motorcycle on charter to a lonely place.

“On the way, I would lie that my personal effect had fallen off from me and the rider would stop, I would then hold the rider unawares by using the rod or stick to hit the motorcyclist on his head or chest, drag him into the bush and zoom off with the motorcycle before he recovers, if he is lucky to be alive.

Ayo Olayinka, A Suspected Notorious Lone Robber In Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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“I agree with you that I am wicked and a murderer. Anyone that kills is wicked and a murderer. I have committed grievous offences. I don’t think heaven and earth will ever forgive me, so let me face the music”.

Speaking on how he was arrested, Olayinka said he was arrested by the police through one of his customers who bought stolen motorcycle from him, adding that the police picked the ‘customer’ and he mentioned his name. He said:

“It was the last man that I killed that owned the motorcycle. My last victim was not strong. I just hit him once and he died instantly. I suspect that the man was sick. The way he died without even struggling showed the man was sick. I did it because things are difficult and man must survive. The world is a jungle. If you experience hunger, you can do anything to survive. The family pressure is too much and there is no money.

“I am now remorseful because, there is nothing as good as freedom. I have been in cell for many weeks now. It is painful that my friends that I spent the money I made through ignoble business have all rejected me. None of them have come to see me. Anytime I come out from this mess, I will use my tongue to count my teeth”.

A police source at Abeokuta disclosed that a case of missing commercial motorcyclist was reported and a few days later, the body of the man was recovered but his motorcycle still was missing.

“We suspected foul play and swung into action. We recovered the missing motorcycle with a man. We arrested the man who now took us to Ayo. During interrogation, he confessed to the callous way he was killing his victims. I don’t want to imagine the way his victims die in serious agony.”

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State Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali, said the suspect is an unrepentant, notorious lone robber that has sent many people to an early grave because of Okada (motorcycle) that he would not sell for up to N40,000. He assured that the suspect would soon be charged to the court.