OAP Freeze Blasts Nigerian OAPs With Fake Accents


When an OAP comes on air with a fake accent it waters down the topic of discussion, the hype of the station and even the interest of most listeners.

Unfortunately, majority of Nigerian OAPs falsify their accents and Cool FM OAP Freeze says he has a cure for it.

After lashing out on some of his colleagues who try to form what they are not while presenting, the expressive media personality unveils yet another opinion from his lot saying that the ‘foreign accent syndrome’ is prevalent among Nigerian OAPs and he can cure them from it.

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The OAP who is of mixed nationality further highlighted the symptoms of the fake accent syndrome, also stating that the act results in psychological problems for offenders.

“Oyinbo people sha . . . How could they say that ‘Foreign accent syndrome’ is rare and bizarre?” he wrote. It happens everyday here to Nigerian babes and radio presenters!

“Once they get a visa to Dubai or Malaysia they automatically fall ill with this sickness. We Radio personalities have been known to contract this incurable illness, as soon as a microphone is switched on.

“Symptoms include mild to severe attitude change, hallucinations, slurring or exaggerating the letter ‘R’ and overnight BRITISH or American accent, or in rare cases a combination of both British and American accents.

“It can’t be cured but symptoms can somewhat be managed, though prognosis is not good, and 90% of the time, identity can become blurred and personality disoriented, leading to various degrees of psychological problems. I have some pills that sort of worked for me, so if you can recommend someone with this illness maybe I can give them some of mine.”

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Aside media personalities, there are over a thousand Nigerians who are yet to cross the border but suffer from chronic fake accent. They can contact Freeze for his anti-faux accent pills. Anyway, we hope this is not a another case of a pot calling a kettle ‘black.’ Freeze is quite eloquent and outspoken, but the question is “was he born that way?”

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