Nnamdi Kanu’s Sister Raises Alarm Over His Safety In Detention


Nnamdi Kanu’s sister Princess Chinwe Kanu, has called out for the help of rights activists and necessary organisations concerning the detention of her brother who she says the DSS is making plans to slaughter in detention. Despite all the efforts made to let the DSS grant bail to the Director, he remains in their custody where it is said he is treated worse than an animal.

While addressing Daily Sun, at her father’s compound in Afara Ukwu, Umuahia in Abia state recently, Princess Kanu revealed the heartbreaking condition she saw her brother in on Monday during the trial, completely indicates that the DSS is planning for her brother’s death while in their custody. She went on to say that the DSS are maltreating him wickedly. According to her, Kanu has been assaulted and she no longer feels there is any guarantee for the safety of herself and her entire family members.

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Quoting her;

“Honestly, the way they are going about this case I’m not comfortable with it because when I saw my brother, he looked like a shadow of his former self. He looked pale and anaemic and he has physical pain as a result of torture, starvation and the hardship he is going through in the hands of the DSS operatives.

After the court session, when he (Nnamdi) came out, as the IPOB members and the Biafrans were outside the gate while some were in the court premises hailing him and chanting: “Nnamdi, Nnamdi ka anyi ga-eso”, the way the DSS man roughhandled him, he almost fell down. I don’t know what his reasons were, but I’m happy Nnamdi never challenged him.

“They held him so tight that he screamed and I felt bad. Because his health is deteriorating by the day, I am calling on rights activists, the international crime code, the Amnesty International, the UN and the British commission to come and rescue their citizen in the hands of the DSS. They are so mean and wicked, they will kill him if care is not taken.

“I have confidence in what Eze Chukwuokike Abiama (God) will do because He is not a man that He will lie neither is He a man that He can disappoint us or deceive us and because His word is yea and Amen and because He is the one that brought His son out, He will not abandon or leave him that’s what I believe in.

 “My brother was assaulted publicly in the court premises and I’m standing here with an evidence to show the world what is going on the injustice and nepotism that is going on in Nigeria. I’m afraid of my live and that of my family with the way things are going. Will someone help tell President Muhammadu Buhari that this is a democratic dispensation, not autocratic government where he was the General?”

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