Meet Nigeria’s Adele, 17-Year Old Ajuka, Endorsed By Cobhams Himself


Cobhams Asuquo on his 32nd episode of his radio podcast, Top 12 Countdown with Cobhams introduces 17-Year Old Ajuka, whose voice can open doors for her.

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According to the music legend and ace producer, Ajuka is a gold and a work in progress that he has chosen to fine-tune for the world to hear.

Read what he has to say below.

“Usually I don’t do this while we’re serving your weekly dose of the countdown but we would like to serve you a double dose of amazingness. If you would spare the time to read my little back story, it would help.

“I’d like you to meet Ajuka. Ajuka is just 17, I met her at an open air concert sometime this year and she wanted me to make music for her.

“I went on to tell her that I wasn’t taking production gigs at the moment but I would introduce her to one of my friends who might consider working with her, and she left unhappy, I conjectured.

“(‘Cause I wouldn’t know for sure lol), but a friend of hers, Mahmood, who is now a dear friend of mine, persuaded me to at least listen to her sing.

“She sang to me for just a few seconds and there and then, I told her with all seriousness that if she ever asked anybody for anything and they refused to give it to her, on her way out, she should sing and they would change their minds.

“Ajuka is a work in progress and a diamond in the rough if you will, but she’s a diamond nonetheless, and that’s what’s important. I just want people to get a sample of her rich, rustic voice.

“We recorded a cover of Tory Lanez’s Luv, and I hope you like it. One more thing, she’s very precious to me and I hope that with your help, she can certainly become the star she deserves to be.”

Listen to the podcast below: