Nigerians Are Willing To Wait For The Change Buhari Promised – Femi Adesina


The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has said that many Nigerians believe in the president, the change he promised and are willing to wait till that change touches different aspect of their lives.

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Adesina made the comment during an interview on The Osasu Show after being told that Nigerians are unhappy with Buhari.

Hear him:

“Well, I would just say that person is guilty of over-generalisation. When you say Nigerians, where are the facts? It is not empirical.

“What research has he conducted, how many Nigerians did he talk to? How many responded this way, how many responded that way? It is not scientific, it is not empirical. It is not true.

“I tell you, millions upon millions of Nigerians are with this administration, they are with this president, they believe in him, they believe he would bring change to the country, and they are willing to wait till that change touches different aspect of our lives.

“Of course, in different areas of our national life, we have seen the change. For instance, don’t you trust your government now, particularly the government at the centre? You trust the government.

“The economy will pick up. We are in recession now, we will exit it and things will get better but it needs patience. The promises that have been made to Nigerians, we would need patience before we can inherit the promise.”

Femi Adesina, however, refused to speak on Buhari’s controversial statement that his wife, Aisha belongs in the kitchen.

In an earlier comment last month, the former managing director of The Sun Newspaper, appealed with Nigerians not to lose hope in the government.

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Disclosing that his income has been slashed by one-third since he joined the current administration, he said he is not immune from the hardship in the land as he and others who have come to truly serve in government also face hunger as well.