Nigerians Rain Insult On TB Joshua Over US Election Prophecy


While speaking to his congregation at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 6th November 2016, Prophet T.B Joshua said he saw the outcome of the ongoing American presidential race in a ‘vision’ 10 days ago. Hear him;

“Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win…the female candidate would win the Presidential election.”

The Prophet further disclosed that it won’t be a rosy ride for the new President whose “boat will be rocked” as she would be visited with many challenges including attempts to possibly pass a “vote of no confidence” amidst difficulties in the passing of bills.

According to Prophet T.B Joshua, two states would be instrumental in Clinton’s impending victory at the polls. He said; “Challenges determine where you are spiritually…, how you react under pressure is how the real you reacts.”

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However, it seems the latest prophecy by T.B Joshua has provoked some Nigerians to anger as many of them challenged him to offer predictions on the economic challenges in Nigeria, the Boko Haram insurgency and many other pressing issues facing the country.

While some people doubted the authenticity of T.B Joshua’s prophecy, asking why the man of God did not foresee the collapse his own church guest house in 2014, others were of the opinion that the cleric was predicting a win for Hillary Clinton based on the fact that she was already ahead of republican rival, Donald Trump at the pools.

TB Joshua1

Below are some of the reactions:

Neyosky Mudashiru Ayanniyi: A man that can not predict what Nigeria will be come in the next 4years…Can’t even predict when Boko-haram will be history in Nigeria,can predict when 1naira will be equal to 1 dollar…Now saying Mrs cliton will win the coming election,even the blinds will also predict this way also because for now she is the one leading…But u are not God…God does noot work the way we man think.

Coulifer Udoka: I don’t believe nor trust this job man, his own church guest house collapsed without his knowledge, Bokoharam and Avengers blow up whatever they like n he didn’t see it! Let him continue.

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Nuru Salihu Abdullahi: What’s great about it ? A man ate his amala belle full come carry mic begin de spew predictions and that’s a good news how? Last week a Chinese monkey predicted trump wins the election . And if I have to believe either of the two , I had believe the monkey more.

Ugbanu Monday: This T.B Joshua of a thing is one of those whom buhari pay to say and write negatives things about DonaldJTrump, Biafra. But God in heaven shall prove all of them wrong.

Atobatele Mutiu Oladapo: They are all fake prophets. They are prophets of doom. They see Notting . They only study events of things and prophesise based on the trends. All those end-time pastors release prophesies every January but none of them predicted the transformation of Olajumoke the bread seller. Her story was unique, rare and caught everybody unawares. Also, her discovery was the most covered news in Nigeria in 2016. You shall know they are and what would be their end when you read Jeremiah 14:14 and Matthew 7:21-23.

Itz Youngdocuments: Who doesn’t know that Hillary Clinton will win tell me? I already knows about it besides Hilary is also leading u can check the campaign analysis so i think this prophecy is not interesting we need something more interesting than this bro Joshua. CommentNoinsult.

Friday Nwigwe Nwigwe Obasi: Nigeria pastors are those pastors that see more than any other pastor in the world, I don’t know they will stop deceiving innocent people In the name prediction, chukwu okike a biama will soon judge everyone of them.

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Richard Ndax: If really he have seen the vision, why did he not review the vision before now. This man is using the analysies at hand to prophecier. Donald is the next US president that my vision.

Khalid Haruna: Fire dey burn your house you dey there dey ouence fire for somebody house,na donkey you be,oyibo for tey tey don lock religion books for museum,if you go bookshop,na adventure shell na em you go see religion book,na we africa dey do religion.

Best Yak Dadison: Hahahaha who doesn’t know she ll win..? Is this a prophecy. ..!gosh! Wen will u giys finally wake up. ….!!!

Ondachi Sule Noah: Na so una lineup behind pdp with guessing predictions and were beating black and blue.