UN Counter-Terrorism Centre Graduates 35 Nigerian Aviation Trainers


The UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT) has graduated 35 Nigerian aviation security master trainers as part of its project to support efficient security screening across Nigeria’s civil aviation infrastructure.

In a statement released on Friday,  the UNCCT said the capacity-building project which was initiated in July 2016 was co-founded by the British Government and Northern Island and being implemented them in partnership with the Nigerian government.

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According to the statement, the graduates will train security experts in two training centres to be established in Lagos and Zaria, adding that the project responds to the current security environment and supports strengthening of the aviation security sector in Nigeria and the broader region.

“It has brought together the best security and counter-terrorism experts worldwide to develop these new training centres of excellence in Nigeria.

“This project is designed to improve aviation security at all airports throughout Nigeria, through a more efficient security screening process for all passengers, in accordance with the international standards required by ICAO and the European Union.

“The project will contribute directly to the Nigerian Government’s overall counter-terrorism strategy by helping to mitigate the threat posed to civil aviation by terrorist organizations and their operatives.”

It added that the project will also contribute to the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 2309 adopted on Sept. 22, 2016, which calls on member-states to take all necessary efforts to improve and protect aviation security worldwide.

The statement further stated that the project also demonstrated the willingness and the continued effort of the Government of Nigeria to battle terrorism and protect its people.

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The UNCCT was established in 2011 at UN headquarters in New York, within the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) Office.

The Centre provides capacity building support for Member-States in implementing the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy through co-funded capacity.