Nigerians Come After Lady Who Won’t Go Out With A Guy Who Doesn’t Own A Car


Nigerians have come after the pretty lady who bluntly  said she can’t date men who do not own a car.

The young woman simply identified as Kedei decided to prep herself for Christmas by sending clear warning message.

Her message was directed to broke guys planning to ask a girl like her out on a date, ‘without a sweet cozy ride.’

She posted this on Twitter:

Nigerians Demolish Lady Who Said, "If You Don't Own A Car Don't Ask Me Out On Date."

If you don’t have a car, I won’t go on a date with you… Who has time to be hopping taxi with you?

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Coming from a lady, the statement was quite bold and somewhat threatening to a lot of men.

Considering the fact that a lot of men think of women who hold such views as being materialistic.

On the other hand, others – particularly females – would also posit that she was being honest and liberal.

The twitter post obviously did not go down well with several Nigerians, especially the men folk.

See below some responses on Twitter:

Joel said: People like you end up marrying Uber drivers 

Mide Banks said: The car isn’t a guarantee to keep you

Stecia said: I know a guy who jump taxi always and building an ultra modern factory at the same time… receive sense

Ayo Balogun said: How many cars are in your brother’s garage? Oloshi

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Dr Ogbu said: It’s because of girls like you that I put extra tithe to what I have to pay, so that I never cross your path.

Brizzi said: I can never carry you in my car self. 

Valentine said: Cars are not made for men only, it’s also for women, so go and buy one for yourself. Let Linda ikeji inspire you, lazy a*s.

This is not the first time such somewhat arrogant comments are seen on social media.

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, recently received a lot of backlash following her comment when she declared, I Can’t Marry A Poor Guy.”