USAID Says Nigerian Doctors Treat Patients Without Tests


Nigerian Doctors have been accused by the United States Government of treating sick patients without conducting the required test on them.

This was revealed by the United States Agency for International Development, USAID, on Monday at the launch of Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey report in Abuja.


USAID, while condemning the production of Chloroquine in the country for the treatment of malaria also said despite millions of dollars spent on the disease in the country, the nation had remained too endemic with the condition, even on the continent where other smaller nations had contained it.

USAID Country Director, Michael Harvey, among many other things, said that too many medical professionals are still treating without testing and this is easy to fix, but the men and women need to be taught about changing that culture in the Nigerian medical professional.

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Hear him; “What is striking is that there continues to be imported nets, and we do yet have an industry in Nigeria that is producing them at a cost Nigerians can afford.

What is very clear from the report however is that there are some immediate to-do in our action list, first people are testing, to see if a fever is malaria.

And, this is something that should be doable since affordable test kits are readily available either through the public sector or private sector at an affordable cost…”

While lamenting that Nigerian medical practitioners are not treating malaria properly, he said he was surprised to discover that when you travel around Nigeria Chloroquine is readily available and too readily prescribed as a treatment for malaria. He described it as a major public policy that must be dealt with.

According to him, Nigeria is still producing Chloroquine, a drug that has no beneficial use either for malaria or any other use, and those who provide health care to the poorest bear the greatest burden of such short comings.

Nigeria’s Malaria elimination programme is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Health through the National Malaria Elimination Programme, NMEP.

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The organisation (including other parastatals in the Federal Ministry of Health) was recently indicted by the Global Fund for grossly mismanaging funds released for eradicating malaria in the country.