Revealing! Nigeria Is The Most Mobilized Country In The World


A recently released ‘Nigeria Mobile Trends Report 2016’ named Nigeria as the most mobilized country in the world, given that 76% of all its internet traffic comes via mobile platforms.

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The report released by Twinpine, a digital marketing firm, placed Nigeria ahead as the most mobile telecommunications induced nation, ahead of India and South Africa with 65 per cent and 57 per cent Internet traffic coming through mobile platforms, respectively.


According to Twinpine, there are 74.7m unique mobile users in Nigeria out of an estimated 184.6 million people. That means mobile penetration (unique users vs. population) is pegged at around 40% and 30 per cent smartphone penetration rate. Apparently, the number of smartphone users between 2011 and 2016 increased from 4m to 15.5m.

Findings from the research also reveals that Nigerians spend 193 minutes every day consuming media on mobile smartphones, compared to 131 minutes on TV, 80 minutes via a laptop and 39 minutes via a tablet.

The report holds that desktop traffic decreased from 57% in 2011 to 18% in 2015, while mobile traffic went from 42% in 2011 to 79% in 2015. Android is the most popular OS, while Samsung is the leading device manufacturer (followed by Apple, then Blackberry).


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Experts have also said that leveraging the digital revolution by tapping into the power of ‘Big Data’ will help businesses stay close and understand their market better, especially in 2017.

More so, businesses have equally been cautioned that due to the present economic recession, companies choosing cost-cutting measures may be negatively impacted with declining value proposition.

The narratives have always been cost-cutting, but for businesses to be sustainable or defensible this year, you can’t continue to cut costs, because you are not going to be competitive in the market.

Similarly, a report by Gemalto, indicated that 2017 would see mobile advertising spending exceed desktop ad spending for the first time.