Barcelona Star, Neymar May Face Two-Year Prison Sentence For Fraud


Barcelona forward, Neymar may face two-year prison sentence over fraud allegations.

Spanish prosecutors have recommended that Neymar be handed a two-year prison sentence due to alleged irregularities surrounding his transfer to Barcelona.

A judge in Spain accepted corruption charges against the Brazil captain earlier this month.

Neymar was accused, along with others, of concealing a portion of the cost of his transfer from club side Santos to Barcelona in 2013.

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Apart from the jail sentence, prosecutors have also called for the 24-year-old to be fined €10m (£8.6m).

The prosecutors are also seeking the same punishment for Neymar’s father, as well as former club president Sandro Rosell.

Rosell is facing an additional three years for fraud charges.

Prosecutors asked for a fine of €8.4m (£7.2m) for Barcelona.

They also called for charges against current president Josep Maria Bartomeu to be dropped.

A complaint was made by Brazilian investment group DIS, which owned 40 per cent of Neymar’s transfer rights.

Neymar May Face Two-Year Prison Sentence

DIS, however, disclosed that it received less money than it should have when he moved to Barcelona because part of the transfer fee was concealed.


Barca said the price of Neymar’s transfer was €57.1m (£50.82m), with Santos receiving €17.1m (£15.22m).

Prosecutors said the total amount paid by the Spanish club to Santos was €25.1m (£22.34m), meaning DIS would be entitled to an additional €3.2m (£2.85m).

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Rosell resigned as Barcelona’s president in 2014 for his role in the affair.

He also testified in court in February alongside Bartomeu, Neymar and Neymar’s father.

The club struck a deal with prosecutors in June to settle a separate case and paid a €5.5m (£4.89m) fine and avoided trial on charges of tax evasion over the transfer.

In that agreement, Barcelona acknowledged it made “an error in the fiscal planning of the player’s transfer”.