Buhari Is A Big Mistake For This Country – Nigerians React To Reduction Of Dollar Price For Hajj


Following a report of the directive issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), mandating all banks and authorised Forex dealers to provide Forex to the Muslim pilgrims at N197 per dollar, the Nigerians have flooded the social media with comments in reaction to the recent development.

The information was contained in a circular released on Thursday by the apex bank marked, TED/FEMFPC/GEN/01/005. According to the circular, each pilgrim is entitled to purchase a minimum of $750.00 and maximum of US$1,000.00 as Pilgrims Travelling Allowance, PTA.

The circular explained that the Federal Government had approved that intending Muslim pilgrims are to be sold the PTA at a concessionary exchange rate of N197.00 to the US dollar, adding that there would be no commission charged by the banks for the sale of the PTA to the intending pilgrims.

With the over 65,000 Muslim pilgrims this year, it is estimated that the government will lose about N7, 693, 246,000. (Current dollar exchange is about 315, & each Muslim pilgrim is expected to change about 1000 US dollars.

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The subsidy of dollars for Muslim pilgrims has provoked many Nigerians beyond words considering the present economic challenges facing the nation and many of them have taken to social media, the only platform where freedom of speech can be exercised with little or no fear, to express their displeasure at the directive.

Hajj Muslim Pilgrims
Nigerians React To Reduction Of Dollar Price For Muslim Pilgrims

See some of the reactions below:

Johnpaul Eberechukwu:
This is madness, absolute insanity, and gross abuse of public office. How can Buhari grant dollar subsidy for Muslim pilgrims at the expense of Nigerian economy? This is the same subsidy he denied manufacturers and business men building the economy. The same subsidy he denied parents training their kids abroad. Now he’s granting it for a purpose that has no economic value to the nation. Worst still, he’s taking from our commonwealth to subsidize for just a set of religious group in a secular state. Of what benefit is Hajj pilgrimage to the nation? This religious fanatic is taking us for granted, and if he doesn’t take time, he may be the last president of Nigeria, so that they can have their Islamic state. I’m waiting for my enlightened Muslim friends to critically analyse this weird government decision. Buhari is pushing us to the wall with his religious biased decisions. On daily basis, he demonstrates his perceived Islamic agenda for Nigeria, starting from his public appointments to economic decisions. Enough is enough

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Dhikrullah Lampard Abdulkareem:
Here I am as a Muslim friend….my take!!! I totally disagree with the action of d CBN on d matter especially during dis period of economic problems.

Now as a Nigerian, if we must move forward, this is no reason to attribute a govt action to his religious or ethics believe…. If u feel like I feel that PMB is wrong den it is a slap on his led administration…. That is d way forward!!!

Charles Nwokoro:
It will be criminal if I do not criticize this Buhari government for the simple reason that I supported and campaigned for Buhari during the last election. How can this government refuse vehemently to subsidize dollars to businesses but is now doing it for individuals going for religious tours? Is it how we are going to ginger this economy? Why do we pretend to be very religious people and yet we are very ungodly in our ways. Now we are subsidizing foreign exchange for Muslim pilgrims. The next will be for Christain pilgrims and maybe the traditionalist and yet our industries are collapsing and nothing absolutely is being done to help by this government. It it a shame that Buhari is missing the point. It’s also a shame that most of us who supported him to become President are just following and agreeing hook, line and sinker all he does and never go ahead to criticize him and his government constructively. This government does not know it all and must be called to order. It is even constitutionally wrong to be subsidizing dollars for religious exercises. Do it for our businesses, our manufacturing companies etc to kick start some vibrancy on this economy and reduce this high inflation and hunger in the land. I just hope we did not enter a one chance bus.

Mustapha Abubakar Gassol:
The same reduction Christians enjoyed during Jerusalem trip early this year 2016.but we Muslims we didn’t say anything but now it’s our turn see how some Christians that are not even going to church unless on Exmas day are now saying rubbish. Believe you me Islam is the only true religion on Earth the rest are pretenders.

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Uzoeghelu Meche
Those dat once chanted sai baba hw market? If ther ar such person or persons here dat once chanted it or u voted him but nw u ar pretending as though u weren’t in their camp ur labour here on earth will amount to futility by d degree of d watchers!

Adeniyi Najeem:
Successive govts have been doing for both Islamic and Christian faithful for years. So, why is any brouhaha on this afterall, many other countries do same. However, he has abolished the govt sponsorship of pilgrims to all the holy lands. All those complaining on this, won’t do so if they were in the shoes of the beneficiaries. Enough of hatred for Islam, when it is time for the JPs, same treatment will be meted to them.

Felix Mervyn:
This is hell for our unity bcos the favour here for muslims spells it clearer that it s no longer story but reality.why not consider the quuest for biafra or must we die to achive our heart desires? I’m a christian, there’s no headway for us here anymore apart from the fact that biafra remains the only way out. Give us biafra nd save us from been butchered and islamised.