Good News: MMM To Release Suspended Money In Batches


As a result of the outcry by participants of MMM in Nigeria whose mavro accounts were frozen on Monday, December 12th, it appears operators of the scheme are set to lift the ban.

The news of the ban lift published by a mysterious website is coming after a purported emergency meeting was held on Wednesday, by MMM Nigeria Global, which explained that the ban was to restructure the scheme, adding that the period of freeze may be less than a month depending on the speed of the programmers.

At the end of the meeting, the leadership of the Ponzi scheme in Nigeria released a communiqué explaining that within the one month of mavro freeze, the money will continue growing.

However, the information stated clearly that the progress or failure of the scheme depends on the participants.

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MMM To Release Frozen Money ( Mavro) In Batches
MMM To Release Frozen Money ( Mavro) In Batches

The popular money doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, better known as MMM, appears set to lift the ban it placed on monies in the scheme following outcry by participants in Nigeria whose accounts were frozen barely a week ago.

The communique reads in part:

“The freeze periods may even be less than one month, but it all depends on programmers and how fast they can finish. This year, we will have a new model to help make this community sustainable in Nigeria.

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“We will post clarification with more details about the frozen Mavro on everyone’s Personal Office (PO). Some Mavros will be released before the 30 days release date probably in batches.

“Next week, we will implement the change of guider button on every participants PO. New section in our PO will be installed this week. PH and GH order dispatching has been stopped for a while, meaning they aren’t matching anyone for the meantime. We will use this period to tackle other issues we have with support.

“MMM Nigeria’s progress depends on you, your expectation determines the future. You determine what you want. You have to encourage yourselves and your downlines.”