Militant Group Vows To Declare Niger Delta Republic August 1


A militant group – Adaka Boro Avengers (ABA) disclosed on Sunday that it had concluded arrangements with other militant groups to declare the Niger Delta region a Niger Delta Republic come August 1.

The militant group also gave the Federal Government an ultimatum to withdraw its personnel and establishment from the region before the date of its declaration of independence.

And also ordered all northerners and people of the South West to vacate its territory.

In a statement issued by the militant group through its spokesman, General Edmos Ayayeibo, mandated the Federal Government to use the three weeks’ notice to “move out all military personnel and all government agencies out of the Niger Delta, warning that failure to do so will lead to destruction of military barracks and personnel.

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Bakassi militants 1
Adaka Boro Avengers vow to declare Niger Delta region an independent republic come August 1.

The statement read:

“We, the Adaka Boro Avengers and all the freedom fighters in the Niger Delta region have met and come to a conclusion that we are declaring the Niger Delta Republic three weeks from today July 18, 2016.

“So we are by this notice calling on the Nigerian government to move out all military personnel and all government agencies out of the Niger Delta. Failure will lead to destruction of military barracks and personnel.

“We are, also, by this notice calling on our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters living in the northern parts of Nigeria to return home immediately.

“We are also warning northerners and westerners to leave the Niger Delta region immediately within three weeks from now, for their own good.If they refuse to heed to our warning, we will use so many as example in the Niger Delta region on the due date.

“We are telling the Nigerian government that enough is enough and we are taking our independence by force. We have our foreign backers, so we are not afraid of the Nigerian government but ready for total war.

“The inhuman treatment given to us by Nigerian government is enough. We can no longer withstand the suffering of our Niger Delta people. They should not take us for fools.” 

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Warriors, had in a statement on Saturday, told MEND to stop parading itself as the leader of the militant groups in the region.

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The group also vowed to continue with the destruction of oil installations in the region adding that it has nothing to loose as its mission is to ground the oil economy if their demands are not met.

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