MC Galaxy Claims He Invested N25m In MMM


MC Galaxy, the popular Nigerian singer who rose to fame after the release of his song ‘Sekem’, seems to be among the millions of Nigerians who were hit by the controversial money doubling scheme called MMM.

In a recent post by the Sekem crooner on Instagram, he revealed how he put a whooping N25 million into the ponzi scheme and how his manager, Wole Ogundare, pushed him to do MMM which has presently thrown him into a sad mood.

MC Galaxy wrote:

“That moment when u waiting for January 2017…God cover me over my enemies and MMM, 25m na waoo…my manager @woleigundare push me to this smh.” #sad!

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Many Nigerians who are participants of MMM had hopes of cashing out their money from the scheme to enjoy the yuletide season but shockingly, they woke up yesterday, Tuesday, December 13, 2016, to the news of their mavros being frozen till January 2017.

MC Galaxy Claims He Invested N25m In MMM
MC Galaxy Claims He Invested N25m In MMM

While some people are taking things easy, strongly believing that they’ll still get their money back by next year, some others see it as the end of the road for them. One of the people in the second category simply identified as Adakole, is presently fighting to stay alive after he reportedly took insecticide sequel to the alleged crash of Ponzi scheme, where he invested his wedding funds.

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A witness said that when the news broke out Tuesday morning, Adakole literally went mad. He said:

“Kole is my childhood friend, we all grew up in Ugbokolo but when he traveled to Abuja to meet with the pastor of his fiancée, he said someone introduced him into the MMM thing but I and his babe warned him but he told us the scheme was not a scam.

“This early morning, he called me to check the internet if the story of the alleged crash of the scheme was true, I told him so I heard and he screamed and hung up.

“When I heard him, I knew it was no longer funny, so I had to rush to his house around Sabon Gari to discover that he had taken Raid insecticide. I had to call the fiancée to inform her.

“I had to take him to the clinic where he is currently battling for his life. The babe is already on her way from Abuja.”