This Is Why You Should Think Twice Before Marrying An Igbo Girl


Every man is free to marry from any tribe or anywhere. However, when it comes to marrying women from some tribes, you must make sure you have a very strong financial backbone before falling in love with them. A Facebook user, Pst. Abasiubong Tom, caused yet another commotion on the social media after posting a photo of a marriage introduction which allegedly took place in Mbaise, Imo State.

The photo which shows the shocking demand made by the woman’s family has been said to be the reason why many men are running away from getting married to women from the area.

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Pst. Abasiubong Tom posted the picture with the caption “Traditional marriage things in mbaise….. I’ll run oo”.


The traditional marriage rite is obviously not or the faint-hearted. If your bank account is not shining army green and you have a babe that is from that area you’ve been eyeing, you better change your game.

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Some people even claim that the items above are very minimal compared to what many people have been made to buy in fulfillment of listed requirements. I wonder if the bride’s umunna (kindred) are planning to open a piggery!

It has become common knowledge that marital requirements in the eastern parts of Nigeria is on the high side when compared with other tribes with varying cultures. In Igbo land, the requirements differ from community to community. But in all cases, bride prices/dowries are paid.

However, it is alleged that Mbaise people are most guilty of over-bloated marriage requirements. Generally speaking, traditional marriage rites in Mbaise is filled with all sorts of controversies and is highly criticized by other parts of the country because of the exorbitant demand placed on their daughters suitors .

They are known to train their daughters in school, so the more educated an Mbaise lady is, the higher it costs to marry her.