Maturity NOT a Function of Age: Here Are 10 Vital Things That Show You Are Mature


There’s a common saying that age is just a number. This is actually true but a lot of folks out there have not come to understand this. That one is adding numbers to his years does not necessarily mean in all occasions that he or she is mature.

Maturity has a lot to it: it is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner, the ability for one to be in proper control of his or her natural instincts so as to be able to react to situations in the right way.

Maturity is measured, not by age, but by behaviour and comportment. It’s now time for you to examine yourself to actually know if you are mature. These 10 proven characteristics of a mature person will help you.

1. Be Understanding instead of being Judgmental

maturity (1)

As a mature person, you need to have a good level of understanding at every point in time no matter the situation at hand. You should avoid fruitless and conflicting arguments.

Try as  much as possible to be objective and not biased in analyzing issues, especially the controversial ones. Your ability to do this even when it is not in your favour shows you’ve attained a high level of maturity. Variety makes the world a beautiful place. Even when you disagree with people, don’t pay attention to the need to criticize them.

Instead, just realize that everyone has a different view of reality, respect their right to their beliefs, and show much understanding by supporting and correcting them with gentleness when they are wrong.

2. Humility – Admit When You Are Wrong


A lot of people today find it very difficult to admit to their mistakes or wrong doing even when it is very glaring. On the other hand, there are times in life when you will be right, despite what others have said, do not rush to say, “didn’t I tell you that?”. You don’t need to gain satisfaction by gloating about  an outcome or how right you were.

Learn to say these words as often as possible: “I’m wrong”, I’m sorry”. They do not make you a weakling or a coward, rather they make you a mature person. Once you know you are wrong or that you’ve offended another, do not hesitate to apologize. It brings you more respect, when people realize that you are willing to admit your mistakes, and ready to just let things go.

There’s a saying that ” Apology is a friendship preserver and an antidote for hatred”. It does so much more than you can think of to make things right.

3. Responsibility


A mature person is a responsible person. If you want to attain maturity, start today to take responsibility for your own life. You should understand that your current circumstances are the outcome of the decisions you have taken so far.

That’s the way a mature person thinks.  If you are fond of laying blames on others for everything that come your way, then, you are still far from being mature. When something goes wrong, do not be in a hurry to lay blames on others, rather try to identify what you can do differently the next time and develop a plan to implement these changes.

When you take decisions or make choices, ensure that you have what it takes to bring it to accomplishment, and when you are not able to, learn to be objective about the whole thing and do not be in the habit of blaming others for your failure.

4. Dependability


Maturity means dependability and ability to come through a crisis. When you say you are going to do something, do everything within your powers to do it.

If you find out you can no longer accomplish something you earlier said you’ll do, make sure you let the other party know why and explain alternative options. Get organized in life and prove to people that they can depend on you.

5. Be Approachable and Flexible


To be truly mature, you need to be easy to get along with, and people should feel comfortable approaching you. Do not build a kind of high rigid walls around you such that you are far from the people around you. It makes you a mature person when you are always ready to hear people out and make things right.

You should be willing to accept and agree to other people’s opinion whenever there’s need to do so. Mature people don’t run around complaining to every Dick and Harry when things are not favorable, rather they think well and devise a means of adapting accordingly to the situation.

Sulking and stagnation is for babies, but mature people always find a way to cope and move on in every condition they find themselves.