Jesus Still Loves You Despite Your Marital Status – OAP Freeze Justifies His Status


Controversial Cool FM On Air personality, Freeze has come out to justify his marital status, by saying it doesn’t matter to Jesus.

OAP Freeze, who is a divorcee, insists that his likes deserve as much respect as the married folks. He spoke against the habit of maligning people who have gone through a divorce in today’s society.

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He said because a person has gotten divorced once or twice before does not mean that they don’t have the love of Jesus. He also reiterated that getting divorced is better than staying in a toxic marriage.

Freeze wrote on Instagram:

“Marriage is wonderful but if it ends in divorce what next? – Is getting a divorce the end of the world? NO! Getting a divorce is actually miles better than staying in a bad marriage.

“Emotional, physical and verbal violence should not be endured just to preserve a ‘marriage’. – Although many people may disagree with my stance, let’s keep it in perspective that the divorce rate is soaring nationwide.

“Could this be due to the fact that many marriages are built on the wrong foundation? – Ok, you are divorced or in a divorce, or separated, what next? – Churches have teenagers fellowships, singles fellowships, married fellowships yet nothing to cater to the teeming number of separated and divorced couples across the country!

“Many feel left out, God-forsaken and failures, simply because they ‘failed’ at marriage. – That mindset has to change. If you are happy in your marriage congratulations, the union of marriage is a beautiful thing.

“On the other hand, if you are not, your life can still be beautiful, because Jesus still loves you despite your marital status! – I want to create a forum for Divorced and separated couples to help them live a happy and normal life in Jesus….. Who’s with me on this? #freethesheeple.”

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This is coming after Freeze was accused of impregnating a married woman after he divorced his wife.

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