Man Jailed 40 Years For Pouring Hot Water On Gay Couple


48-year-old Martin Blackwell, has been jailed for 40 years for pouring hot water on a gay couple. The Georgian man carried out the attack on the victims – Marquez Tolbert and Anthony Gooden because he did not approve of their relationship.

Blackwell, who was found guilty of eight count charges of aggravated battery and two count charge of aggravated assault, sentenced 40 years behind bars at the Fulton County Superior Court.

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The victims – Tolbert 21, and his partner Gooden, 24 were at home together on February 12 when Blackwell (Gooden’s mum’s boyfriend) broke in to their house and poured hot water all over their bodies.

Tolbert suffered severe burns to his face, neck, arms and back that required skin graft surgery, while his boyfriend’s burns were so extreme across his entire face and 60% of his body that he was put in an induced coma and has just been released from hospital.

gay couple
Martin attacked the victims because he did not approve of their relationship.

Blackwell who showed no remorse as he was jailed for 40 years told the police during his arrest that: “They were stuck together like two hot dogs … so I poured a little hot water on them and help them out. “They’ll be alright. It was just a little hot water,” he added.

His lawyer said he did it because he felt their behavior was disrespectful and that he often made inappropriate comments to members of the household – asking about their sex lives or using derogatory names.

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Prosecutors, however, said it was a vicious, premeditated attack. Tolbert testified that after pouring hot water on them, Blackwell grabbed him as he jumped and screamed in pain and told him: “Get out of my house with all that gay.”