If A Man Hits You Once, Please Pack Your Bag And Leave- Actress Yvonne Jegede


With the increasing spate of domestic violence against women, one can never talk about the issue enough. Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede in reaction to the story of a man who beat his wife of 10 years, has said a woman should pack her bags and leave the very first time a man hits her because life has no duplicate.

A Facebook user, Beks Asu shared the story of how his niece was beaten mercilessly by her husband. According to him, the abusive husband, Tonye Thom-Manuel, a staff of Total Nigeria in Port Harcourt, allegedly brutalizes his wife Preye, who is a staff of Federal Airport Authority also in Port harcourt.

Unable to hold his peace, Mr. Beks called him out because of the domestic violence which Preye has been a victim of dozens of time.

Below is what Beks wrote hours later:

“My niece , Preye who has been married for over 10 years and blessed with three kids was yesterday brutalized by a supposed loving husband who vowed ‘for better for worse , till death do us part’. I immediately posted the incident on my Facebook wall yesterday. But due to pressure from my family amidst fears that the ‘wife-beating husband ‘ might lose his job with a reputable oil company, I had no option than to delete the post. But this serves as a last warning to the wife beater, pls retrace your steps and be a loving father and husband. This sounds as my note of warning to those ‘ wife beaters’ out there, your days are numbered as nemesis would soon catch up with you”.

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Reacting to the story, Yvonne Jegede dished out a portion of advise to women in abusive marriages saying;

“Fellow women of this world, I really don’t think this topic of domestic violence can be emphasized enough. It is a simple as you being in that position that you can’t as much as breath because your next move or next thing you say can result to this.

If a man hits you once, I beg pack your bag and leave, you survive this one today doesn’t guarantee you will survive the next one.

People have died from it and are still dying from it #DomesticViolenceKills, leaving the children to suffer “you actually thought staying because of them would change anything”. Let me put this out there, nobody is worth injured like this for.

Life as it is, is tough enough already, you should be able to have a home you go to and be at PEACE.”

“Life as it is, is tough enough already”, well said Miss Yvonne Jegede. A word they say, is enough for the wise!