Little Boy Brutally Beaten By His Master For Stealing Money To Eat In School


It appears like the more efforts are made to preach against child abuse, the more it increases. Surprisingly, it seems the women have passed over the baton of violence against children to the men. Previously, most acts of child abuse were perpetrated by women but recent reports show that the men are beginning to take over. Could it be a physical expression of the frustration brought about by the current economic situation in the country? Maybe. Here is the story of what a master did to his house boy.

A Facebook user, Onyeka Mbaeze, gave a short account of what happened yesterday, November 22, in an unknown area of Lagos State with a horrible picture of a young boy whose face was covered with the blood dripping from his broken head. The boy allegedly received a brutal beating from his master for stealing his money which he (the boy) went to school with.

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Read the unedited post:

“My pple this child was bitting by hes master this morning , according to the master he says that this child is stolen hes money to school , pls my ppl is it good thing to do to someones child? This just happen in this Lagos.

Little Boy Brutally Beaten By His Master For Stealing Money
Little Boy Brutally Beaten By His Master For Stealing Money


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I understand that it’s possible the young boy might have stolen his master’s money before but was pardoned. However, I doubt if the man who did this would beat his own biological child to this extent if he happened to have been the one who stole his money. In fact, I’m sure he won’t want any outsider to hear about it.

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It is always very dangerous to dish out physical punishment to a child in anger. Would there have been any acceptable explanation for the man’s action if the kid had died? Is there any adult who would claim he never stole anything as a child? Of course not!

Don’t get me wrong, stealing is very wrong but there are other correctional punishments that will make a child realise his action was wrong other than a grown man testing the efficacy of his muscles on a little defenceless boy who will only end up becoming hardened by the pains of the punishment.