Linda Ikeji is a Disappointment to Feminism – Rotimi


Following the recent fight between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji, Nigerian Journalist, Rotimi Akinola, gave an honest opinion, and it was targeted at Linda’s celibate speech and “Get-married-soon mentality.” As seen on Newsroom, Rotimi, who claims to be a feminist, bombarded Linda Ikeji for ever thinking she must be married to get fulfillment in life. Here is Linda’s qoute:

“I live a celibate life . . . most of the time. (Though, that has to end soon . . . I’m getting old and missing out on that part of life.” – Linda Ikeji.

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In response, Rotimi had this to say:

“I read about the whole Wizkid Vs Linda Ikeji thingy. Wow. I’m not bothered about Wizkid. He’s just a kid even at 25. I’ll start taking him serious when he turns 40. However, the mindset Linda expressed in her response to the Nigerian artiste, and what she’s been saying in recent time, is disturbing; or should be disturbing to feminists. After reading the whole nonsense Wizkid had to say about Nigeria’s top blogger; I salivated, waiting for Linda to come calmly but firmly to school that kid. But I was disappointed.

Linda Ikeji


“Linda actually said that…wow. At 35, Linda – a successful Nigerian woman living in the Year 2016 – still thinks like someone from the 1900s. She wallows, it seems, in the mire of that archaic mentality that a woman is not fulfilled until someone finds her fit enough to ‘put a ring on it’.

“Lots of young Nigerian women look up to Linda. They want to be like Linda. Even young men want to be like Linda. Linda, with all her money and ‘exposure’ doesn’t know that a woman doesn’t need to tie the knot with anyone to be fulfilled. She’s been rambling lately about ‘getting married soon’, or are those rumors? She even claim she could buy any man of her choice to achieve the almighty marital status.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting married. But when a successful woman who should stand up for the female folk in a Nigeria where lawmakers insult women on International Women’s Day; talks like Linda . . . hmm  . . . I thought it was Wizkid that needed to grow up. I now know Linda needs a mentality surgery. I’m not saying this because I hate Linda. I actually like her…not that I can marry her with that her current mindset anyways. Heck! I don’t have to marry Linda!

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I like Linda because she’s a successful Nigerian woman. I like her because I’m a feminist. I like her because I love seeing women succeed. But until Linda gets that mentality surgery, she’ll continue to be a disgrace to feminism. Unfortunately, money can’t procure that process. Hello Linda, marriage is not compulsory. “

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