UNILAG Lecturer Exposed For Asking Students To Kneel Down And Raise Up Their Hands


Some students of the University of Lagos has called out a lecturer whose name was given as Mr Ogunkunle, for allegedly asking students who couldn’t spell a certain word to kneel down, and raise their hands, like students in the secondary school.

Speaking on behalf of other students, Zeekyboy said the lecturer who only comes to his class on rare occasions, allegedly spends most of his time threatening and sending students out of a class they’re supposed to be in.

He further said;

“It’s not as if this is the norm in Unilag. But this particular lecturer has been terrorizing us.

“We have other lecturers who behave well, but this particular man is just something else. I mean why will you tell adults like this to kneel and raise up hands, just because they were not able to spell a particular word.

“This lecturer rarely comes to class. When he comes he spends most time sending students out and threatening them. He is just a disgrace to this wonderful university. We have very brilliant, decent lectures who respects us for who we are.

“We are please begging the university to help caution lecturers like this so that our great Unilag won’t be a laughing stock amongst other universities.”

The report have created division on social media with one group standing for the lecturer and the other condemning him.

See reactions below:

Ifechukwude R. Mo’niceLWKM…. wen u passed Waec, jamb and post Jamb….
and u can’t spell, especially simple words,,,,,, EVEN ur father will do worse for wasting his money…
u pple don’t knw hw irritating it is… forming big boy nd girl with nothing in ur head

Special-Agent Edidion Thomas: If i were the lecturer, i will do worst cos its annoying to think you’re lecturing matured secondary school qualified student only to realize that they are not fit to be in secondary school talkless of university. This is how we ended up producing half baked graduate every year.

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Evi Evans: Hahahhahahkikiki….
Kneel down and raise your hand
I know before the lecturer gave them such punishment the words they were asked to spell are those a primary school pupil wil spell even in the dream.
But oga lecturer these are adults some are even parents o I don’t expect to see my father kneeling in front of such crowd. Abba!! They didn’t commit a criminal offence na pls that punishment for an undergraduate is uncalled for jare….my opinion!!!

Bridget Scarlette Shane: It hurts when you are teaching and the students you are teaching can’t even get an atom of what you are talking about.
Yesterday, we were laughing a man that can’t spell bum short. This is worse.
Well, telling them to kneel down and raise their hands was rough., but he knew sending them out wouldn’t make them feel shameful. I guess that’s why he did it

Minister Tity: he has the right to punish you. thats why he your teacher. but its shamefull if a university student cannot spell correcttly then how will you teach young once.

Osaretin Edobor: U r lucky he doesn’t slap students like one of our lecturers den,we d students feared him den n out of dat fear we tried to study dat his course to so we can answer his questions wen he kums to class..
N we d student didn’t complain
He is only drilling dem to bkum beta pple in d society ….

Jackson Stephen Ebuka: Some people are funny. U can’t kneel down when u fell or did wrong but when u see a young soldier u will even crawl with thank you and sorry sir on top. Left for me such things should be happening in universities these days because some students do not even have a clue y they are there. Since he didn’t flog them am ok with that. Knowledge is expensive and tough to acquire pls

Chitucky Michael’s: Why did he not even crucify dem.. So After nursery, primary, and secondary school. They still cannot spell but yet they come to class with the highest clothes and makeup ..What’s the point.

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Nnabueze Benny: luv Sophia Ogechukwu I wonder if people actually read before commenting… Am amazed with the responses I see here… This lecturer according to the student who was interviewed, is a very unserious lecturer who rarely come to the class and when ever he comes he terrorizes the students, threaten them and send them out of class. Let’s stop being subjective here and be objective, as a lecturer you need to be free with your students if you want them to understand, flow with you and like your course. People tagging the spelling simple, did they mention what he asked them to spell, how are you sure it’s simple… It could me a terminology in Geography, probably they have not come across such word before, nobody is perfect, secondly English language is not our father’s language, it’s a British language, I don’t blame anyone for not being able to spell, sometimes tension and anxiety may make you forget certain spellings, couple with the fact that the lecturer is said to be a torn on the students flesh… This has nothing to do with secondary school, I bet those criticizing these students, that they might equally be unable to spell if they were asked to spell… Please university is a higher institution not a secondary school, the lecturer was wrong by asking them to kneel down, they are respectful ways of dealing with an adult.

Chimara Fynecontry: Since the lecturer sabi spell every thing abi, make una ask to spell skiborobo oshebadest. Nonsense all this university lecturer wey they feel say they too know

Olumide Williams Ajayi: Shaking my head in disbelief… For Christ sake Mr lecturer, these are grown up adults that deserves some elements of respect despite the fact that they weren’t able to spell a “particular word”. There are other ways of punishing students without diminishing their self esteem nah.

Rapheal Esonwanne: The student are abnormal that why they did it. University is not a place where lecturer orders students around. The lecture need petition to leave the school or students should deal with him. This can’t be done in other countries.

Alawaye Salmon Tunji: This is total rubbish and the mumu students too obeyed the lecturer, worst off u walk out of the class,.. Dem dey fear carry over abi… The future leaders of tomorrow… What is the name of the lecturer and which department did this happened.